Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Training Days

Confused about our training?

All Wessex cardiology trainees have access to a number of training events taking place throughout the year.

Official training is split between local days delivered by our cardiology departments within Wessex and the National Training Days at the BCS conference in June and a further event in the Autumn. Attendance at 60% of these events is mandatory.

You should make arrangements to attend in good time, cancelling clinical commitments and informing your educational supervisor. If you are having difficulties attending, please contact either Tom or Kri. All of your consultants support your attendance at these meetings, but it is appreciated that at times, rota commitments and delivery of emergency care will prevent 100% attendance.

Current arrangements for post ARCP Academic year 2019/20 are below:

July 2019 - Arrhythmia and Devices Training Day, Portsmouth. 17/07/2019

September 2019 - National training day - Royal College of Physicians 19/09/2019
                           -ACHD - UHS - Ebstein's & AVSDs 27/09/2019

October 2019 - Change management  effective written communication, Chilworth Manor. 23/10/2019

November 2019 - Hard to Cover Areas of the Curriculum, Bartley Lodge.  26/11/2019

February 2020 - Intervention Training Day, Bournemouth. 13/02/2020

March 2020 -  South Coast Heart Failure Meeting, Poole. 24/03/2020

April 2020 - Wessex Congenital Cardiac Series (Transposition), University Hospital Southampton                            24/04/2020 --- CANCELLED (COVID 19)

May 2020 - Basingstoke training day.  13/05/2020 --- CANCELLED (COVID 19)

June 2020 -  National Training day, Manchester.  01/06/2020 --- CANCELLED (COVID 19)
                     Arrhythmia+Devices Training Day, Portsmouth. 26/06/2020 --- CANCELLED (COVID 19)

September 2020 - BCS National Training Day (Virtual), 08/09/2020. 

October 2020 - Wessex Congenital Cardiac Series (Tetralogy of Fallot), University Hospital                                         Southampton   16/10/2020.  

May 2021- Cardiology, Renal and Diabetes & Endocrine Joint Training Day (Virtual),14/05/2021

May 2021- Basingstoke Training Day (Virtual), 19/05/2021

Other training opportunities are circulated through this website and your email updates. These include officially endorsed BJCA and BCS courses, in addition to other training events that are of interest to trainees in our region. Approval and funding for attendance should be through the usual channels for study leave that exist in your hospital.

Lastly, we have a number of education and social informal events that are arranged by trainees.