Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Specialty clinics and other study leave options

Within Wessex there are a number of excellent opportunities for trainees to get experience in sub-specialty areas and leadership. We are creating a list of these different opportunities which  can potentially help guide your future sub-specialty choices as well as helping to get those trickier areas of the portfolio signed off.  These should be considered suitable for study leave.

  • Cardiac Sarcoidosis 
    • At least quarterly in Portsmouth with Dr Kaushik Guha
    • Contact kaushik.guha@porthosp.nhs.uk
  • Inherited Cardiac Conditions
    • First Thursday afternoon every month in Bournemouth with Dr Critoph
    • Contact sarah.reynolds@rbch.nhs.uk to arrange
  • Hypertension
    • Thursday mornings in Southampton Dr J Waller
    • Contact james.waller@uhs.nhs.uk
  • Heart Valve clinic
    • Tuesday afternoon in Southampton with Dr Benoy Shah
    • Contact benoy.shah@uhs.nhs.uk
  • Pulmonary hypertension
    • Selected Friday afternoons in Southampton 
    • Contact Dr Fitzsimmons samantha.fitzsimmons@uhs.nhs.uk
  • Pregnancy
    • The second Wednesday of each month (afternoon) in Southampton
    • Contact Dr Fitzsimmons samantha.fitzsimmons@uhs.nhs.uk
  • ACHD
    • All in Southampton:
      • Monday 1330-1700 Dr Carroll
        Weds 0930-1330 Dr Smith 
        Thurs 1330 - 1800 Dr Fitzsimmons 
        Friday 1330 - 1800 Dr Fitzsimmons
  • Medical director
    • Southampton University Hospital - contact Derek.Sandeman@uhs.nhs.uk
    • There are also likely to be opportunities to shadow your local medical director
  • Chief Executive Officer Southampton Hospital
    • Suggest attending the monthly Trust Executive Committee 
    • Contact Tracey.burt@uhs.nhs.uk for dates
    • There are also likely to be opportunities to shadow your local chief executive officer

There will clearly be other opportunities available locally but hopefully this will act as a starting point. If there are other opportunities that you know about that you think would be of interest to other please let your training representatives know. 

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