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Confused about the ARCP process?

All Wessex cardiology trainees have to undergo an annual ARCP which is now online without the trainees present. This means that any information that is not present (or easily found) on the portfolio is counted as missing. This can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes. We have designed this page to bring all the information together in one place.

Important dates for 2022:
  • eARCP: 26th May 2022
  • Upload deadline date for eARCP: 12th May 2022
  • PYA: TBC
  • ARCP reviews (if you don't receive a satisfactory outcome at ARCP): TBC
  • Rotation planning meeting for August 2023: TBC

Rotation planning meeting:

Occurs in Autumn and is designed to be an opportunity to review your educational needs for the next year to match them with the next post. If you want a job in the deanery the following year you must attend this meeting.

What you need for ARCP:
  • Completion of the JRCPTB requirements for each stage of training which can be found via; ARCP decision aid and the guidance on WPBAs
  • There is a requirement that WPBAs are spread throughout the year and therefore you should start getting them as soon as possible
  • DOPs on invasive procedures need to be supervised by a senior clinician who is either registered as a trainer with the GMC or in a substantive post (Consultant, associate specialist or staff grade). Echo DOPS can be completed by a BSE accredited tech or senior trainee. 
  • It is important to have a supervisors report for each of your placements since your last ARCP (for most trainees this will mean two reports to cover the year (one from the last ARCP until rotation in February and one from the February rotation until the ARCP)).
  • Specific requirements in addition to JRCPTB requirements for Wessex trainees are; training day attendance log, one ACHD taster week for each of ST3 & 4 (that are not in Southampton) 
  • Log book & CV
  • For those doing OOPR the only WPBA requirement is either an MSF or MCR(>5 responses) each year

Where to put documents for ARCP:
  • Certificates and exams e.g. IRMER, ALS, BSE etc: under the profile tab - certificates and exams
  • CV, training day form, log book & documentation of ACHD taster week (if applicable): under profile tab - personal library - ARCP folder

Training day attendance form:
  • In order to provide evidence of attendance at training days please complete this form and link to the portfolio
  • Trainees in ST3-5 need to attend 60% of training days
  • Trainees in sub-specialty training should attend two regional training days whilst the remaining requirement can be tailored towards their sub-specialty interests
  • Those trainees dual accrediting with medicine should also attend three GIM days 

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