Wessex Cardiology Trainees

2022 ARCP

Hi All

Given that ARCP is just round the corner I wanted to put everything together to make sure you can prepare as we all know it takes longer than you think it will!

Date everything needs to be uploaded to your portfolio - 12/5/22
eARCP date - 26/5/22

Cardiology ARCP Gold Guide - will direct you to ensure you have the appropriate number of DOPs and assessments etc for your level of training. 

Documents required;
- End of Year Educational Supervisor Meeting completed and signed
- Form R, link attached here. **Must be done on PC NOT MAC and ensure you follow the instructions**
- Attendance at Training Days 2021-2022 form, link attached here.
- Log book Summary Sheet, link attached here.
- Logbook of your procedures, example found on ARCP page.
- ARCP Presentation, link attached here. 
- Echo Toolkit / Curriculum or evidence of BSE 

Any more info can be found on our ARCP page of our website here 

For trainees who Dual Accredit in GIM
ARCP date for uploading and eARCP are the same. 
Please remember that you also need an End of Year Supervisor Meeting with a GIM accredited supervisor and you need to completing both your GIM and Cardiology Curricula and attended the GIM Training days to a minimum of 60%. 

GIM ARCP Gold Guide - attached here which will also help you to ensure you have all competencies etc.

Please remember that the ARCP / Revalidation team will not chase you for any of the above. This may then result in an Outcome 5 (Incomplete evidence presented - additional training time may be required), or Unsatisfactory progress outcome. 

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday!


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