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Single vs Dual GIM Accreditation

Dear All, 

Given that ARCPs are not too far away I wanted to clarify and send out a statement with regards to Single vs Dual Accrediting for GIM as this will have an impact for ARCP and there have been a few questions lately;


TRAINEES APPOINTED 2020 & AFTER (Current ST4s and ST3s)

Dual accreditation is mandatory. Therefore required both Cardiology ARCP and GIM ARCP every year with both Curriculum on portfolio and Gold guide requirements met to be able to CCT for both Cardiology & GIM. (This is regardless of planned sub-specialty career)

It is expected therefore that your training time will go from 5 to 6 years to be able to facilitate this. With the majority of your GIM experience in ST3-5 however additional experience must be maintained from ST6-8 in subspecialty posts - this will be taken into account when considering rotation moves. 


TRAINEES APPOINTED BEFORE 2020 (Current ST5s, and above including OOP)

Dual accreditation is not mandatory. Should you wished to have dropped GIM accreditation you must have contacted the Deanery and completed the mandatory paperwork and had this ratified. The deadline was in December 2020 - with reminders having been sent out at that time. 

Single accreditation as Cardiology training only is still expected to be 5 years to CCT.

If you have not submitted this paperwork, you will automatically be transferred onto the new curriculum which is Dual Training with GIM. Again, with your training extending from 5 to 6 years to meet said requirements. 

Should you have any concerns regarding this please contact our TPD - Dr John Paisey via email (john.paisey@nhs.net) to discuss this further. 


FUTURE TRAINEES APPOINTED FROM 2022 (New IM/Cardiology Curricula)

Dual accreditation is mandatory. Any trainees appointed in the coming August (2022) will enter at ST4 having completed IMT3 as a General Medical Registrar. Their first year in Cardiology will be as ST4. 

Given this their total registrar career to CCT is expected to last 6 years (including their IMT3) with total of 5 years Cardiology - again requiring all curriculum areas to be completed within the 6 years for both GIM and Cardiology. 

I hope this makes sense and is useful. Any questions just let us know



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