Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Time for a New Trainee Rep (x2)!

Dear all,

I have reached the end of my tenure as trainee rep for Wessex cardiology and will be stepping down. I will be continuing national representative roles as the BCIS trainee representative and EAPCI young national ambassador for the UK so will be able to support the incoming rep on the BJCA council and will be at UHS for the next couple of years completing my research to give support locally. 

It has been a fantastic few years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time fighting the corner for Wessex trainees! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wider trainee and consultant body for their support. In particular Hannah Sinclair and Kri Loganath as trainee rep colleagues and John Paisey and Alison Calver for supporting trainees at a national level.

There will be two posts to act as the local trainee representative coming available. One imminently, filling the position I held, and one in the near future as Kri has moved out of deanery to undertake her research in sunny Edinburgh.


As the trainee rep you will have three main responsibilities:

  • Local Representation - We attend all the Specialty Training Committee (STC) meetings (spring and autumn). At the STC we are able to represent your views to the TPD, the deanery staff and the deanery wide consultant body. The STC are responsible for everything to do with your training. We are therefore able to provide a trainee voice on wide ranging issues such as interviews, job allocations, ARCPs, study leave and also present the all-important local survey data.


  • Improve Local Training - We continuously endeavour to improve all aspects of cardiology training in Wessex, with the recent changes made to ECHO training across the region as an example. The trainee representatives organise the annual training days and several informal (often sponsored) evening training events.


  • National Body Representation - The BJCA provide two Council positions for each region's training representatives. We therefore sit on the BJCA Council, attend the BJCA Annual General Meeting on your behalf and throughout the year provide communication to you all from the BJCA.


Next steps

If you are interested in acting as a Wessex cardiology trainee representative (and meet the eligibility criteria below) you will need to write a statement (maximum 300 words) on why you would make a good trainee representative and what you want to do to improve training in Wessex. Send it to thomas.gilpin@uhs.nhs.uk by 5pm on Sunday 14th November.


If we have more than one applicant we will hold an election and your statement will be sent out via the blog and everyone will have 14 days to cast their vote when the winner will be announced!


Eligibility Criteria

1. You currently have a Cardiology NTN in Wessex.


2. You intend to continue as a Wessex cardiology trainee throughout the three year tenure. During this period you can of course be out of programme for any reason at all but must intend to remain within Wessex for the duration.


3. Permission of the Training Programme Director (Dr John Paisey) - this is to prevent trainees who may currently be struggling to meet their training requirements from over burdening themselves with an extra curricular role. You do not however need to seek this permission yourself. Just be aware that Dr Paisey will review the submitted personal statements prior to an election taking place.


Good luck everyone! I hope you will all give strong consideration to taking this opportunity.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kri or myself if you have any questions at all or wish to informally discuss what the role involves.

Very best wishes,

Tom Gilpin.

EP traces meetings- Tuesdays 8AM

 Dear All,

UHS are running a series of EP traces meetings every Tuesday at 8:00AM via Teams.

It is extremely useful for those currently in sub-specialty/plan to take the EP exam. It will also be valuable for SpRs planning to do EP as sub-specialty as pre-lab clinical exposure. 

If someone is interested in joining the meetings, please email Dimitrios on dimitrios.gerontitis@uhs.nhs.uk.

Thank you



SCCT Cardiac CT training survey

Dear All,

The SCCT are conducting an international survey of fellows and trainees looking at Cardiac CT training.

Please click here to do the survey.




Call for senior CMR trainees to assist with CMR course

 Hi All,

Dr Jamal Khan from the West Midlands Deanery will be running their local SpR Training day in CMR. He is looking for any senior CMR trainees to assist with the hand's on section in the afternoon. This is an opportunity to be on the faculty for a regional CMR training day/course which could help with your appraisals, ePortfolios and CMR accreditation applications (including Level 3 for the 'peer recognition' section).

Date: 18th November 2021

Time: Help needed from 1530-1610

Venue: Strathallen Hotel, Birmingham

Please email Dr Khan at Jamal.Khan@uhcw.nhs.uk for more details and to express interest.

Thank you



ACHD Block at UHS. For ST3/ST4/ST5

 Dear all, 

This is a reminder that trainees in ST3 and ST4 need to spend a week (ideally in both years) during the year at UHS with the ACHD team. 

During your ST5 year at UHS you will spend a month long block with the ACHD team. 

UHS HR department has now allowed honorary contracts to be re-instated, these were temporarily passed during the peak of the pandemic. 

This is run and coordinated by Dr Aisling Carroll (ACHD Consultant at UHS). 

Please email her to organise an ACHD block. 

Your details will then be forwarded on to HR to set up an honorary contract for the week.