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IMT simulation in Wessex

 Dear All, 

See below an email from Dr Finneran in Salisbury about setting up a Wessex-wide IMT simulation programme. Please do get in touch with her at n.finneran@nhs.net if you are interested.

Dear All
 I hope you are all managing to stay safe and sane during this trying time.  I know most of you but for those that I haven't met, I am an acute medicine consultant at salisbury with an interest in simulation based education.  For the last couple of years I have had a couple of deanery roles looking to ensure that simulation is delivered equitably and at high quality across the patch.  More recently since simulation has become mandatory in the new IMT curriculum I have been asked to help ensure roll out of IMT simulation.  You will I am sure be aware of the work Danielle has done in initiating this roll out but going forward it obviously cannot be just the two of us delivering this.
Which is where you all come in!
I would like to set up a Wessex medical sim group of people interested in delivering simulation based education, ideally from different specialties and from every trust in the area.  The aim would be that we can meet in parallel to the simwessex group that I have already established for sim leads to share good practice, faculty and scenarios.  Ultimately I would like this group to offer continual development of simulation skills such as debriefing masterclasses or "meta debriefs".  In the short term I can get faculty development courses funded for anyone who is still needing this.
So firstly:

  1. Are you interested in this?
  2. If not do you know anyone in your specialty/ trust who we could approach?
  3. Do you need a faculty development course funded?
Once I have got these replies (those who have previously replied do not need to repeat this!!) I will organise a teams meeting in the first instance with the aim to hopefully being able to meet up in the near future in person.
Best Wishes
Dr Nicola Finneran
Consultant Acute Physician



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