Wessex Cardiology Trainees

IMPORTANT - Dual/Single Accreditation guidance, relevant to all NTN trainees pre-CCT.

Dear all, 

As I am sure you are all aware the GMC/Royal College stance on medical specialities requiring dual accreditation with GIM is changing. This is likely to become set in stone in the near future. 

Please see below for the upcoming stance on accreditation as advised by the deanery:

2020 intake (i.e. this years ST3s) - Compulsory dual accreditation with GIM, no exceptions. 

2019 intake (current ST4s) - Highly likely to need to dual accredit with GIM. 

2018 intake or prior (Current ST5+) - Dual accreditation with GIM if trainee wishes. See below for the next steps. 

! All pre CCT Wessex trainees holding a NTN must email James Pillinger at the deanery as soon as possible with their accreditation intention with regards to the above information !

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact James Pillinger/John Paisey, or for informal advice give me a call/text. 


***Note - once the GMCs stance is formally in place, if the deanery has not received formal notification on your accreditation intent it will be compulsory for you to accredit in GIM and Cardiology regardless of your stage of training.***



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