Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Busy Day 24th September. Extra HF event with Prof Kalra, WIC and Survey!

 Dear all, 

There are a lot of events on tomorrow evening, see below for another to be added to the list. 

1, HF talk from Prof Kalra 

Prof Kalra will be speaking at the AZ  Webinar on Sept 24th from 19:00 around pts with Diabetes and CVD, giving his perspective on what should be happening now for patients with Diabetes and Heart Failure/CVD.

See here for the flyer. Follow the link at the top of the PDF to sign up. 

2, Please sign up for the WIC webinar immediately following this, 19:55 start. See the post below for more details. 

3, Why not finish the evening of exciting education off by completing the trainees survey. Unhappy with training, any concerns or positive experiences to discuss - then fill it in! Link here



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