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Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure (Face-to-face and Online)

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Please see the details below for the Postgraduate Course in Heart failure that offers both face-to-face and online versions. 

Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure London 2021-2022 (Face-to-Face classroom version): This is the next version of the most successful postgraduate course held at the Royal Society of Medicine in Central London with 6 modules of 4 days each, during a two-year period. Each module offers state-of-the-art lectures by internationally known key opinion leaders in the field as well as case presentations, interactive rapid-fire sessions, hands-on courses on imaging, including echocardiography, computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as training with simulators for pacemakers and CRT implantation and ventricular assist devices among many other features. 

Please click here for further course information. 

Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure London Online (2020-2021): For the first time we now offer, for those who cannot leave their home institutions, an online postgraduate course in heart failure comprising 5 modules (but without hands-on training), with the full spectrum of state-of-the-art lectures, case presentations, live cases and demonstration of devices and their implantation. Also, each module contains an examination that participants are required to pass which at the end will lead to 15-20 CME credits per module and a certificate of completion awarded by the British Cardiovascular Society and the British Society for Heart Failure. 

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If you have any questions regarding this course please contact former participant Sarah Birkhoelzer on sarah.birkhoelzer@gmail.com.


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