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Echo training in the region


Dear all,

Please see the email below recently sent by Dr Paisey and Dr Steadman to the Echo leads in our various trusts. 

If you are not receiving the appropriate amount of Echo training as outlined below, please contact your Trust Echo Lead in the first instance. Should you still not be able to achieve your echo training, please contact Dr Paisey.

FAO Echo training leads, please share with your physiology Echo heads where I have not been able to identify the appropriate contact:


Dear Colleagues,


Whilst we recognise that providing training and experience in transthoracic echo remains challenging in Covid times it is an absolute requirement of training for StRs who have not yet accredited via the BSE or curriculum tool.

The indicative numbers of scans that should be performed and reported for those using the curriculum accreditation tool are 150 per year and you will all be familiar with the BSE requirements. In addition to this there is an absolute requirement for trusts to provide hands on training and ensure development of competencies with an early emphasis on the FEEL skills and experience, trainees need to complete accreditation (BSE or curriculum tool) by the end of St5 to achieve outcome 1 at ARCP.

If your department is unable to offer this essential part of StR training then please let me know as we have vacancies elsewhere in the region which are able to offer training and can re allocate trainees to these hospitals.

Please let me know if you envisage being unable to provide this essential part of SpR training at the earliest opportunity.




John and Chris

TPD and Echo Lead



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