Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Training collaboration with Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dear all, 

An exciting announcement to make. 

Following recent meetings with my CT surgical counterpart, in the near future we will be having some joint training days with cardiac surgical trainees from Southampton, Oxford and Bristol. 

There is a good deal of overlap in our curriculum and they will also provide a great opportunity for networking and socialising afterwards. 

We are aiming to have the first 'face-to-face' meeting in Q3 this year but in the interim...

We have been invited to attend the upcoming 'virtual' surgical training meeting via Microsoft Teams. 
12/06/2020 with Professor Ohri 
Topic - Lifetime management of Aortic Valve disease. 

Please email Mr Hani Ali-Ghosh (CT fellow) at Hani.Ali-Ghosh@uhs.nhs.uk for more information and to sign up. 


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