Wessex Cardiology Trainees


Dear all,

The BSE have released new guidelines for cardiac dimensions and function which will have a knock on effect on the written and practical exams along with logbook documentation.

Find the published guidelines here.

See below for the advice regarding examination changes.


"The new normal reference ranges for adult transthoracic echocardiography will be published in Echo Research and Practice in February 2020.

The publication of the new normal dataset will not affect the Spring written exam in March 2020. Use of the new reference range will come into force for the Autumn written exam in October 2020 and knowledge of the parameters will therefore be required.
Practical examination submissions for viva cases will also need to reflect these new ranges from October 2020 onwards. Any cases brought for viva assessment to a practical examination after this date must be reported in accordance with the new reference ranges. The date on which the images were recorded does not affect this.
Log-books will be expected to reflect the new guidelines ONLY where a case is collected after the publication of the new guidelines in Echo Research and Practice.  Up to six months lead time will be allowed to respect the variation in rate of change to departmental working practice."

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