Wessex Cardiology Trainees


Dear all,

The BSE have released new guidelines for cardiac dimensions and function which will have a knock on effect on the written and practical exams along with logbook documentation.

Find the published guidelines here.

See below for the advice regarding examination changes.


"The new normal reference ranges for adult transthoracic echocardiography will be published in Echo Research and Practice in February 2020.

The publication of the new normal dataset will not affect the Spring written exam in March 2020. Use of the new reference range will come into force for the Autumn written exam in October 2020 and knowledge of the parameters will therefore be required.
Practical examination submissions for viva cases will also need to reflect these new ranges from October 2020 onwards. Any cases brought for viva assessment to a practical examination after this date must be reported in accordance with the new reference ranges. The date on which the images were recorded does not affect this.
Log-books will be expected to reflect the new guidelines ONLY where a case is collected after the publication of the new guidelines in Echo Research and Practice.  Up to six months lead time will be allowed to respect the variation in rate of change to departmental working practice."

"Innovation in hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis", Birmingham Crowne Plaza, Friday 24th April 2020.

Dear all,

There is an upcoming study day on transthyretin amyloidosis in Birmingham that is free to attend, particularly relevant to HF and imaging trainees. Please see here for the agenda.


Hampshire Heart Failure Meeting - 03/03/20

Dear All,

The next Hampshire Heart Failure meeting is being held on the 3rd March at The Bridge Street Tavern in Winchester.
Portsmouth are leading this meeting.

19:00 - 19:20: E-Referral and HF triage - Dr Chahal
19:20 - 19:40: Frailty and HF - Dr Guha
19:40 - 20:00: Case - Karen Darroch
20:00 Dinner.

Please email Hayley Allen at hayley.allen@servier.com if you would like to attend.
Deadline 25/02/20.


New Trainee Rep - Election Result

Dear All,

After a really close election, Kri Loganath received the most votes and so will take on the role of trainee rep from today.  I just want to say thank you to Alex and Gautam for putting themselves forwards.

I also wanted to say that it has been a real pleasure to be a trainee rep in Wessex, thank you all for the opportunity.  A big thank you to Jonathan Hinton and Tom Gilpin who were absolutely fantastic to work with. 

Good luck Tom and Kri - you'll be awesome.

That's all from me!  Always happy to be contacted if I can be of any help to anyone.

Hannah x

New Trainee Rep.

Dear all,

A reminder that voting for the next trainee rep closes this Sunday 16th February at 17:00.

The statements from the candidates can be found previously on the blog.

Email Hannah at hannah.sinclair1@nhs.net with your vote.


Evening Meeting and ARCP changes - IMPORTANT.

Dear all,

There are upcoming changes to the ARCP process, how it will be run/what is required from trainees. This will impact ALL SpRs pre CCT with an NTN in Wessex.

With this in mind I have organised an evening meeting on 09/03/2020 at which Dr John Paisey will be giving a presentation on what is required.

It is strongly suggested that all trainees make an effort to attend.

Venue:          The Stable, Winchester. SO23 9EX.
Date/Time:   09/03/2020 - 19:00 arrival.
Sponsored by Bayer.

If you would like to sign up, email me at gilpintr4290@doctors.org.uk.


ECHO Survey.

Dear all.

A reminder that the ECHO survey is still running. Want training to change? Then complete the survey.
Find it here.

Results to be presented at the upcoming STC meeting.


Trainee Rep Elections

Dear All,

I am really pleased to say that three trainees including Gautam Sen, Krithika Loganath and Alex Bates have all put themselves forwards for the position of trainee rep alongside Tom Gilpin.  Please see below their manifestos.

Please email me on hannah.sinclair1@nhs.net with the name of the person you would like to vote for.  Obviously you can only vote once.  The deadline for voting is Sunday 16th February 17:00.  The result will go out on the blog Monday 17th Feb.

Whatever the result, thank you to all three trainees who have put themselves forwards for the role.

Gautam Sen ST5
1) Why I would make a good trainee representative
Those of you who know me know that I am approachable, meticulous about organisation and supportive. It's with this in mind that I am putting myself forward as trainee representative. I am enthusiastic and committed to improving the quality and nature of our training in Wessex; having previously represented trainees at a regional and local level.  
More recently, having gained experience of managing and leading the on-call registrar rota in two different hospitals, as a Royal College of Physicians Associate Tutor and as a result of having improved our educational experiences in two different trusts, I already possess the skills needed to excel at this role and have a clear agenda to improve training for cardiology registrars across Wessex.
If I am appointed I will ensure that trainees interests and concerns are prioritised and recognised in full; and will ensure that I represent our collective voice accordingly. 

2) How I want to improve training in Wessex
Echo - I know many of us are frustrated by the regional variation in access to appropriate training. I want to work with the deanery to provide bleep-free echo time and have better access to outpatient lists.
ARCP - There is a lack of clarity around ARCP processes, particularly in relation to the essential competencies at the end of each year of training. I want to increase the transparency and create a comprehensive list regarding what is needed at each stage of training.
Procedural Skills - I am aware that developing appropriate skills in temporary pacing and pericardiocentesis can be difficult and largely opportunistic and I plan to arrange simulation sessions for these skills in order to obtain the necessary sign off.
Teaching Programme - I will continue to develop our excellent Wessex teaching programme by adding sessions which can be directly linked to our curriculum

Krithika Loganath ST3
ST3 Cardiology in Dorset County Hospital
1)  Why I would make a good trainee representative
Being a junior registrar, I believe I bring a fresh perspective to Cardiology training with the foundation of experience in leadership and management across different deaneries. I am currently on the Trainee Committee for the British Society of Cardiac Imaging (BSCI), helping to manage the website and assist in the preparations in the run up to the annual meeting this March. Prior to that, from 2017-2019 I was the Core Medical Training Representative in UHS, working to standardize training opportunities across different rotations. I had also been actively involved with the Peninsula Foundation School Quality Panels, independently assessing and feeding back foundation trainees’ experiences across different specialties. In a more social context, I was also the Derriford Hospital Mess Secretary in 2016/17.
On a personal level, I am a very friendly and approachable person who is always happy to help. I have never shied away from speaking up for the concerns of trainees at the local and regional level, and if elected will continue to do so at a national level as well on behalf of Wessex Cardiology trainees.

2) What I want to do to improve trainees experience in Wessex
Training opportunities are always at the forefront of any trainees experience. Following on from the recent survey, there is a need to improve echo and cross sectional imaging training in the deanery. 
If elected, I would aim to get protected time for echo training, particularly in the early registrar years as mandatory across all trusts in the deanery. In addition, I would like to establish a taster week in cross sectional imaging for trainees in smaller trusts to ensure early exposure to this as well as increasing ease of access to Level 1 CT training.
It would also be one of my aims to highlight to trainees, early in training, the key training strengths of each trust so professional goals can be achieved throughout the years.
Finally, I would aim to continue to improve on the safe and supportive network of trainees in Wessex with the establishment of a mentorship programme for trainees who would like additional support. This could be pastoral or professional from either more senior trainees or consultants in informal manner.

Alex Bates ST5
Why I would make a decent trainee representative
With the integration of IMT and dual accreditation of GIM, we will have significant changes in our training and curriculum.  Good representation is important to ensure this is a smooth process.
I fit as a trainee representative through extensive previous experience, organisational abilities and complimenting Tom’s skills.
My previous experience as a RCP associate college tutor.  Here, I created monthly CMT teaching sessions, and organised a 4-day deanery wide PACES course with outstanding feedback.  I represented CMTs to the board in Derriford Hospital and across the deanery, particularly standing up against cancellation of training days.
Having been a SpR in Wessex for 2.5 years, I have worked across 3 hospitals clinically (IOW, Dorchester, RBH) and am now OOPR in UHS.  I am aware of the good, and bad of each of these hospitals, none of which Tom has been to – complimenting his experiences excellently. 
As a new father I am acutely aware of the life changes and challenges this brings, something that many of us will experience in our time as an SpR.
What I want to do to improve trainee experiences in Wessex
IMT is happening and it will affect our training and sign off.   We cannot ignore or be dismissive of internal medicine.  We need to be aware who will need to dual accredit and specifically how to achieve this alongside our challenging curriculum, procedural competencies, and separate rotas in RBH / QAH / UHS.  I would ensure you are aware of sign off requirements, and our inevitable challenges communicated to the internal medicine TPD. 
ECHO is a core skill and BSE accreditation mandatory in Wessex.  However, it is often overlooked in exchange for service provision or building lab competencies.  I would advocate for protected ECHO training time in ST3/4 to push accreditation ASAP.
Our training days are often excellent to the point where trainees from outside the deanery have attended them.  I would continue to push the high quality of these and involve trainees with specific interests to assist in their organisation to help build CVs.
Finally, I would highlight resources and opportunities on our website for you to access.  e.g. ACHD e-modules, device e-modules, fellowships, research opportunities