Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Training Days

Upcoming training days:

1.  Coronary Intervention training day in Bournemouth February 13th.  Please click for the here for the final program.  If you havent already, please email Tom Gilpin ASAP to sign-up (gilpintr4290@doctors.org.uk).  

2.  South Coast Heart Failure Conference, Tuesday 24th March.  Please click here for the registration form.  It needs to be emailed to amanda.avey@poole.nhs.uk. This is an excellent meeting and is one of the official training days.  It is always fully booked, so please fill in the registration form and send it today if you are interested.  

Finally, please take 2 mins to complete the echo survey.  Also please consider if you would like to take on the role of Trainee rep.  Candidate statements to be released after the submission deadline (16:59 05/02/2020).

Hannah x

ECHO Survey 2020 + Trainee Rep election.

Dear all,

ECHO Survey
The most recent BJCA survey highlighted ongoing issues around ECHO training. In collaboration with our ECHO lead, Dr Chris Steadman, we are looking at ways to improve Echo training in Wessex. The first step is to get a baseline of the current situation around the region by means of a survey.

We have put together a (very brief) survey and would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete it (1-2 minutes). The results will be used to push forwards change and improvements.

Please find the survey here.

Thanks all for your help as always.

Trainee Rep Election
Following on from the survey, if you want to do even more to help improve training in Wessex you should consider running to be the new trainee rep along side Tom.

After two very successful years of being the trainee rep for Wessex, Hannah is stepping down from the role to move on to new pastures in London and so an election is called.

Trainee Representatives main roles

  • Local Trainee Representation - the Wessex trainee reps attend all the specialist training committee (STC) meetings. We represent the views of trainees to the training programme director and the wider consultant body and are able to provide a voice on issues such as job rotations, ARCPs, study leave etc. The results of the annual trainees survey are presented here.

  • National Representation - Both Wessex trainee representatives sit on the BJCA council and attend the BJCA annual general meeting at the British cardiovascular society conference each year. We act as a link between Wessex and the BJCA, highlighting any training issues at a national level and providing updates to Wessex SpRs.

  • Improve local training - we organise the annual training day programme, many of the individual training days along with other evening educational meetings held across the deanery. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must currently hold a Cardiology NTN in Wessex. 

  • You should intend to continue to be a Cardiology trainee accessible within the deanery for at least 12 months. 

  • All appointments are subject to approval by Dr John Paisey (TPD - Wessex). 

Application Process
Please formulate a statement consisting of two sections (with no more than 150 words in each section) entitled:
1) Why I would make a good trainee representative
2) What I want to do to improve trainees experience in Wessex

Email this to Hannah at - hannah.sinclair1@nhs.net. The deadline for applications is 16:59 on 05/02/2020 after which the statements will be published on the blog and an election held.

If if you have any further questions regarding the role pleas get in touch with either of us.

Best wishes,

Tom and Hannah.

Bournemouth Interventional Training Day and BSCI Abstracts

Dear All,

1.  We have an excellent training day rapidly approaching on Thursday 13th February.  For the final agenda please click here.  If you would like to attend please email Tom Gilpin today (gilpintr4290@gmail.com).  There is a fantastic line up including an exciting debate regarding the role of stress imaging in chronic coronary syndromes..  (our very own Mark Mariathas versus Chris Steadman).

2.  The British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging Spring meeting is on the 26th and 27th March in Oxford.  There are the opportunities to submit clinical cases, scientific abstracts and images.  Click here for more information.

Best wishes,


Professional Exam Expenses - HMRC

Dear all,

I have been forwarded a link with regards to training expenses in particular professional exams and claiming from HMRC. It is very informative, please find the link here.


Important Update

1.  Upcoming training days:

-  Coronary Intervention training day in Bournemouth February 13th.  Please click here for the provisional program and email Tom Gilpin to sign-up (gilpintr4290@doctors.org.uk).

-  South Coast Heart Failure Conference will be Tuesday 24th March.  Please click here for the registration form.

2.  2019 survey results:

For anyone interested you can see the Wessex survey results here.  Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

3.  October 2019 STC meeting notes

To see the Wessex Specialist Training Committee notes (Oct 2019) for trainees click here.

4.  ACHD online modules link.

5.  New Wessex Trainee Rep needed!

Finally the time has come for me to step down as trainee rep as I am off to London for my final year of training.  We will shortly be asking for nominations.  In the meantime, if you are interested please chat to either myself or Tom.

That's all for now..


New BJCA Website

Dear All,

The BJCA has released a great new website, find it here.
It contains many great learning resources, educational videos and information regarding upcoming events. Be sure to check it out.


ACHD Subspecialty Training Post - Job Advertisement.

Dear all,

I hope you have had a good break over Christmas and New Year.

The advertisement for the upcoming subspecialty training post in ACHD at Southampton is now out. Please find it here.