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Training Days

Dear all,

There have been a few concerns raised within the region regarding attendance at training days. The speakers give up their time and put a lot of effort into delivering these events for us.

A list of those expected is sent out to the organising Consultant(s). A few trainees recently confirmed they would be attending but didn't show on the day, without giving prior warning. This reflects poorly on all of us as a group.

Of course unexpected situations arise meaning attendance is not possible. If this is the case please let either Hannah or myself know ASAP so we can pass the message on.

Apologies for the slightly negative note but stay tuned for more fun evening events and the upcoming trainee survey.

Evening all,

A few updates from across the region.

Portsmouth Training Day
A reminder to all that the Portsmouth Arrhythmia and Devices training day is next Wednesday 17th July at the Marriott Hotel, PO6 4SH. This is sponsored by Medtronic and is an amazing opportunity to get hands on devices programming experience. To see the agenda click here.

Dr Kirubakaran is happy to discuss any other topics (arrhythmia related) you would like addressing. Email Hannah at hannah.sinclair1@nhs.net to request this and to sign up.

Ben Wiles has asked us to let you know about a congenital EP day on Thursday 25th of July 2019 at the Royal Society of Medicine (London). Targeted at general EP trainees, aiming to provide an introduction to rhythm management in ACHD. Click here for more information.

Cardiac Sarcoidosis
Dr Kaushik Guha (HF Cons QAH) has asked me to highlight an upcoming Cardiac Sarcoidosis symposium also at the Royal Society of Medicine (London). Click here for more information.

ACHD Training
The 2020 ACHD training days have been released so get them in your diary now.
24/04/2020 - topic TBC
25/09/2020 - topic TBC
Further information will be released closer to the date.

Hannah and Tom.

Oxford HF and ICC fellowship, Portsmouth Training Day

A couple of things:

1.  Paul Haydock has flagged up the following job advert in Oxford for a Heart Failure and ICC fellowship:


2.  Any final requests to attend the Portsmouth arrhythmias and device programming training day on the 17th July, please email me Hannah.sinclair1@nhs.net

I am the process of organising the next evening event, which will likely be in September.  If you have any ideas of something you specifically want please get in contact with either myself or Tom.

Best wishes,