Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Novel Course in Heart Failure Management/4th September Training Day/Leadership Evening

1.  Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure London

Helena Bolam has asked me to share the details of a great heart failure course on behalf of Dr Paul Kalra.  The deadline for applications is the 14th September.  The course runs from January 2019 to October 2020 and consists of 6 modules including 160 hours of classroom time and 140 hours of self study.  Successful completion results in a 'Certificate in Heart failure Management'.  Links below should hopefully provide the course details and how to apply (if they don't open - email me and I will forward the documents).



2.  Last reminder for the next training day on the 4th September: 'Effective Communication and Presentation Skills' at Chilworth Manor.  Registration from 0930.  This is being provided by an external training company and if you are planning to attend you need to let Jonathan know - jwh20485@gmail.com

3.  There are 2 remaining places on the 'Leadership in the NHS' evening.  Derek Sandeman (medical director UHS) has agreed to come and talk to us over dinner about his role and leadership in the NHS.  Certificates for e-portfolio provided...  17th September in Winchester at the Green Man.  Drinks from 1900.  Again its Jonathan if you want to come (jwh20485@gmail.com).


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