Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Rotation Planning Meetings 14th September, South Coast Regional BSE Meeting and Online Imaging Resources

1.  As some of you have rightly pointed out, the Rotation Planning meetings are on the same day as the South Coast Regional BSE Meeting - the 14th September.  Obviously the compulsory Rotation Planning meetings will be a priority and are compulsory.  Chris Steadman, who is organising the BSE meeting, has said that he is happy for Wessex registrars to attend before/after their planning meeting.

2. Whilst on the subject of imaging I thought I would highlight two online resources, which may be of interest:

Level 1 online CMR course:

1.      Login to your British Cardiovascular society account
2.      Click 'my page'
3.      Scroll down to BCS membership offers 
4.  Follow instructions to access SCMR online MRI course.

Online TOE course (Need to be a British Society of Echo Member) 

1.     Click on ‘Education’
2.     Click on ‘TOE e-learning’
3.     Instructions to sign up will be displayed (essentially send an email containing your full name, email address and BSE membership number to info@bsecho.org

Hopefully see some of you at the Portsmouth Training Day this Wednesday 18th (Holiday Inn, Pembroke Road, Portsmouth.)  

Thanks, Hannah

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