Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Trainee Rep Election

Dear All,

Two candidates have put themselves forward to replace me as Wessex Trainee Rep / BJCA Council representative. Both should be applauded for their enthusiasm. It is up to you to decide who is elected.

Please read the statements of both candidates, which are reproduced in alphabetical order below. You then need to send me an e-mail with your chosen candidate's name in the subject line. The deadline for votes is 9am on Wednesday 30th May 2018. My email address is benedict.wiles@uhs.nhs.uk and you must e-mail me from your work address. Only current NTN holders may vote.

Good luck to both candidates.



Candidate 1: Dr Thomas Gilpin

I am a driven, articulate and enthusiastic individual who thrives on interactions clinically, academically and socially with colleagues of all levels. I strongly believe that a tightly knit cohort of trainees with accessible and approachable peer representation can drive education and the future of Wessex cardiology training forward.

As the Royal College of Physicians Associate Tutor at Queen Alexandra Hospital for the academic year August 2016 to August 2017 (CT2) I have invaluable first hand experience of providing representation at a local and national level to a high number of trainees. I was responsible for organising a yearlong teaching program with two colleagues consisting of weekly sessions delivered by consultants in a variety of medical specialties. I was also responsible for organising comprehensive PACES teaching prior to each diet of the examination.

This built upon my experience as the mess president for the district general hospital during my Foundation Year 1. This involved a range of roles supporting doctors of all training grades, securing funding to improve information technology facilities and educational equipment in the mess. Organisational responsibilities included lunchtime meetings from trade unions and financial advisory companies and the all-important regular social events!

I am grateful for your consideration of my application for this crucial role within the deanery. If successful I will serve each and every individual trainee with focus and determination to improve their ongoing education and experience of working within this dynamic speciality.

Candidate 2: Dr Hannah Sinclair

Reasons I would be a good local representative

I have been a trainee in Wessex for many years now and know the Deanery very well.  I have spent some of my training working less than full time (LTFT), which has given me a good insight into the challenges that can be faced by LTFT trainees.  Most importantly I think I am an approachable person who would therefore represent the views of local trainees well.

What I would like to do

  • My subspecialty interest is imaging and I feel that access to training in this curriculum area, particularly in the early years of training, is challenging.  One idea is to explore the feasibility of a local level 1 equivalent training day in cardiac CT and/or cardiac MRI
  • BSE accreditation in echo is compulsory and support to achieve this can be inconsistent across the region.  I would like to look at ways that this could be improved on both a regional basis and locally within individual Trusts.
  • Offer advice to trainees working/considering LTFT.
  • Evening events this year have been fantastic, not only for providing additional education and support but also for strengthening links between Wessex registrars.  I would like to help continue this.  Ideas include an evening of short informal summaries from registrars about working in the various hospitals in Wessex, hearing about specific fellowships in the region and maybe even a Christmas quiz.

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