Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Trainee Rep & BJCA Council Election

Dear Trainees,
I am sure that most of you are already aware that Jonathan Hinton and I have spent the last couple of years acting as your trainee representatives. You are probably less familiar with what we actually do. We basically have three responsibilities;
  • Local Representation - We attend all the Specialty Training Committee (STC) meetings, (including the Autumn meeting where we present the results of the annual trainee survey). At the STC we are able to represent your views to the Training Programme Director, the deanery staff and the deanery wide consultant body. The STC are responsible for everything to do with your training. We are therefore able to provide a trainee voice on wide ranging issues such as interviews, job allocations, ARCPs, study leave, moving expenses and out of programme experiences.

  • Improve Local Training - We continuously endeavour to improve all aspects of cardiology training in Wessex. Over the last twelve months we have made significant efforts to improve the regional training days and to provide entertaining evening meetings. We have been extremely fortunate to have been fantastically supported throughout our tenure by Dr Tony Dimarco, who has taken responsibility as a training days coordinator, and excelled in this position. Tony, who is in his final year, will shortly be unable to continue in this role and we thank him tremendously for his help.  

  • National Body Representation - The BJCA provide two Council positions for each region's training representatives. We therefore sit on the BJCA Council, attend the BJCA Annual General Meeting on your behalf and throughout the year provide communication to you all from the BJCA.
So why am I sharing this information with you?
Because I have decided to step down from my position, which means it is time to elect my replacement. Although I have very much enjoyed being a local trainee rep, I have recently taken on positions of responsibility with both the British Heart Rhythm Society and the British Cardiovascular Society, demanding roles which I will have to juggle with writing up my PhD and returning to clinical work.

This is also an excellent time to elect a new trainee representative as it will give the new incumbent a couple of years working together with Jonathan, benefitting from his experience. This is definitely preferable to electing two representatives down the line (when Jonathan and I finish our training together) a point which was recently highlighted to us by the STC.

Finally, as Tony is stepping down, we would like to try and incorporate his role with that of the two training representatives, so it makes even more sense to hold an election now. This will ensure that the person who takes on training day organisation benefits from one of the BJCA positions which we are allowed to have, removing this disparity from the current set up.

Tony and I will also be available to help the new representative. Tony has offered his support up until his CCT whilst I intend to continue to help in several aspects with training in Wessex, including organisation of the subspeciality EP training days.

So what now?
Well you need to decide if you want to considered for election and then whether or not you are eligible (criteria below). If you are both keen and eligible you will need to write a statement (maximum 250 words) and send it to benedict.wiles@uhs.nhs.uk by 5pm on Wednesday 16th May

If we have more than one applicant we will hold an election and your statement will be sent out to all NTN holders by e-mail and everyone will have 14 days to cast their vote. The winner will then be announced prior to BCS, with the winner able to attend the BCS Council meeting at the 2018 conference; their first job in the new role!

Eligibility Criteria
1. You currently have a Cardiology NTN in Wessex.

2. You intend to continue as a Wessex cardiology trainee throughout the three year period from June 2018 to June 2021. During this period you can of course be out of programme for any reason at all (including maternity leave or career break). You can also be a less than full time trainee. However, trainees who intend to relocate during this three year period (i.e. undertake research in another deanery) should recognise that this position involves significant time spent in the geographical area of Wessex (attending meetings, training days and evening events) and should consider this prior to application.

3. Permission of the Training Programme Director (Dr John Paisey) - this is to prevent trainees who may currently be struggling to meet their training requirements from over burdening themselves with an extra curricular role. You do not however need to seek this permission yourself. Just be aware that Dr Paisey will review the submitted personal statements prior to an election taking place.

Good luck everyone! I hope you will all give strong consideration to taking this opportunity. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jonathan or I if you have any questions at all.

Kind Regards,

Ben Wiles

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