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STC meeting information

Dear all

Just a quick update regarding following the STC meeting regarding the ARCP process this year:

1.eARCPs will be on the 15th of June (you do not need to attend). The requirements for a successful ARCP (which need to be uploaded before the end of May) are listed here:

  • completion of the JRCPTB requirements for stage of training which can be found via; ARCP decision aid and the guidance on WPBAs
  • It is important to have a supervisors report for each of your placements since your last ARCP
  • Specific requirements in addition to these for Wessex are; training day attendance log, an MSF each year and progress towards BSE accreditation
  • Log book and CV
In line with national guidance it is likely that the ARCP process will become stricter and therefore it is important to spread your WPBAs throughout the year as if they are clustered towards the end of the year it may result in an unsatisfactory ARCP outcome.

2. Feedback appointments (ie if you don't pass the eARCP - which you MUST attend) and PYAs are on the 2nd of July - make sure you are available for this now

3. Rotation planning meetings will be on the 14th of September - you MUST also attend these if you want a job in Wessex the following year - make sure you are available for this now

Finally congratulations to our colleague, Dr Ben Wiles on winning the best case presentation in the EHRA Young EP Clinical cases session - I was not there but I hear that his presentation was excellent even if he did ask Dr Brugada to join him on a business venture! 

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