Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Basingstoke training day feedback

Dear all

The team that put on the Basingstoke Training day would be grateful if anyone who attended could fill in this brief survey! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BJJ8KXH
Whilst I appreciate that there are lots of surveys these help the team to know what worked and how to make things even better!



BCS national training day date correction

Dear all

Just a quick message to say that the date on the training day part of the website for the BCS national training day as part of the national conference is incorrect. This had said that it was Tuesday the 5th but this should be Monday the 4th. I have now corrected this on the page and apologise for any issues this has caused.



Trainee Rep Election

Dear All,

Two candidates have put themselves forward to replace me as Wessex Trainee Rep / BJCA Council representative. Both should be applauded for their enthusiasm. It is up to you to decide who is elected.

Please read the statements of both candidates, which are reproduced in alphabetical order below. You then need to send me an e-mail with your chosen candidate's name in the subject line. The deadline for votes is 9am on Wednesday 30th May 2018. My email address is benedict.wiles@uhs.nhs.uk and you must e-mail me from your work address. Only current NTN holders may vote.

Good luck to both candidates.



Candidate 1: Dr Thomas Gilpin

I am a driven, articulate and enthusiastic individual who thrives on interactions clinically, academically and socially with colleagues of all levels. I strongly believe that a tightly knit cohort of trainees with accessible and approachable peer representation can drive education and the future of Wessex cardiology training forward.

As the Royal College of Physicians Associate Tutor at Queen Alexandra Hospital for the academic year August 2016 to August 2017 (CT2) I have invaluable first hand experience of providing representation at a local and national level to a high number of trainees. I was responsible for organising a yearlong teaching program with two colleagues consisting of weekly sessions delivered by consultants in a variety of medical specialties. I was also responsible for organising comprehensive PACES teaching prior to each diet of the examination.

This built upon my experience as the mess president for the district general hospital during my Foundation Year 1. This involved a range of roles supporting doctors of all training grades, securing funding to improve information technology facilities and educational equipment in the mess. Organisational responsibilities included lunchtime meetings from trade unions and financial advisory companies and the all-important regular social events!

I am grateful for your consideration of my application for this crucial role within the deanery. If successful I will serve each and every individual trainee with focus and determination to improve their ongoing education and experience of working within this dynamic speciality.

Candidate 2: Dr Hannah Sinclair

Reasons I would be a good local representative

I have been a trainee in Wessex for many years now and know the Deanery very well.  I have spent some of my training working less than full time (LTFT), which has given me a good insight into the challenges that can be faced by LTFT trainees.  Most importantly I think I am an approachable person who would therefore represent the views of local trainees well.

What I would like to do

  • My subspecialty interest is imaging and I feel that access to training in this curriculum area, particularly in the early years of training, is challenging.  One idea is to explore the feasibility of a local level 1 equivalent training day in cardiac CT and/or cardiac MRI
  • BSE accreditation in echo is compulsory and support to achieve this can be inconsistent across the region.  I would like to look at ways that this could be improved on both a regional basis and locally within individual Trusts.
  • Offer advice to trainees working/considering LTFT.
  • Evening events this year have been fantastic, not only for providing additional education and support but also for strengthening links between Wessex registrars.  I would like to help continue this.  Ideas include an evening of short informal summaries from registrars about working in the various hospitals in Wessex, hearing about specific fellowships in the region and maybe even a Christmas quiz.

Reminder: Basingstoke Training day on Wednesday!

Dear all

Just a quick reminder that the Basingstoke Training day is on Wednesday. Thanks to all those who have signed up, there is still space so you are welcome/encouraged just to turn up! Its starts at 0800 in the ARK conference center (which is on the hospital site), you can see the program by clicking here



Bournemouth Heart failure, imaging and inherited cardiac conditions fellowship, Aortopathy & pregnancy course and July ACHD training day

Dear all

1. Dr Critoph at Bournemouth has passed this message onto us about the heart failure, imaging and inherited cardiac conditions fellowship. This looks like an excellent opportunity:

This post will shortly be advertised to cardiology registrars who are in at least their ST5 year of training.  This offers the rare opportunity for regular training in cardiac CT, cardiac MRI, transoesophageal echocardiography, inherited cardiac disease and stress echocardiography.  Job commitments include a weekly heart failure clinic, regular transthoracic echocardiography lists and organising the bimonthly inherited cardiac disease MDT.

In advance of advertisement, any enquiries or for further information please contact Dr Chris Critoph - chris.critoph@rbch.nhs.uk

Hannah Sinclair is the current fellow who would also be happy to answer any questions about the job - hannahksinclair@gmail.com

2. Tony has also highlighted an afternoon course on Aortopathy with a particular focus on pregnancy in London on May the 23rd, it looks like an excellent program and it's free - follow this link to sign up

3. Finally unfortunately the ACHD training day in July has been cancelled. The next ACHD training day will now be the 18th of October - inter-atrial and ventricular communications

Have a great weekend!


Election Fever

Dear All,

1) The deadline for applications for the BJCA Council / Wessex Trainee Rep position is next Wednesday at 5pm. Statements to me by e-mail please.

2) BCS are also currently running their elections. Can everyone who is a BCS member please ensure that they exercise their democratic right to have a say in who is elected to senior positions in our society. Vote for whoever you like, but make sure you vote! Wessex has a long tradition of having Consultants elected to senior positions in BCS and once again we have local candidates running, who you may or may not wish to vote for. To vote you need to follow the instructions in an email you should have received from onlinevoting@electoralreform.co.uk



EP Research at UHS (+ a few other things)

Dear All

EP Research at UHS
Dr Waqas Ullah, Consultant Electrophysiologist at University Hospital Southampton, is looking to meet with anyone who might be interested in undertaking a period of dedicated research in EP. He is leading on two projects which are about to commence, and is looking for an enthusiastic Fellow to join our excellent Research Department. The projects, which relate to complex arrhythmia mapping, are both at an advanced stage in terms of planning and preparation. This therefore represents an excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested. The work would be suitable for submission for a University MD (Res) and is high likely to generate peer review publications. Please contact Waqas directly to discuss this with him.

Trainee Rep
A quick reminder for anyone who wants to be considered for the post of Wessex Trainee Rep, the deadline for personal statements is 5pm on Wednesday 16th May. These need to come to me by e-mail.

Evening Meetings
We had an excellent meal last night at The Chesil Rectory in Winchester, which is apparently the third most romantic restaurant in the UK! Thank you to Dr Jason Glover for speaking and also to our generous sponsors.

Jonathan and I (or perhaps my replacement) will definitely be organising future evening events. To date we think that these have been a successful venture and very much hope that you all agree. We would however happily receive any feedback you might have about them. Don't forget they are arranged for your benefit.

To date we have tried to combine education with good food and the opportunity to socialise with your fellow trainees. We have also consistently tried to select a mid deanery location. Is this the right approach? Let us know. Also, if you have a great idea for a future evening event that you would like us to explore, then please get in touch. 

On the topic of evening events can I also please ask everyone to remember that if you sign up to attend an evening meeting which you are then unable to attend, it is important that you contact the event organiser so they can rearrange the catering arrangements. Simply not turning up is unprofessional and reflects poorly on us all.

Finally Rob Adam has asked us to remind you that he and Simon Claridge have both been invited to speak at an industry event which is being held locally in a couple of weeks time (24th May in Romsey). You are all invited to this and should contact Rob directly for more information.

See you all at the Basingstoke training day.



Portsmouth heart failure fellowship and a reminder to sign up for Basingstoke training day

Dear all

Dr Morton has highlighted that applications are now open for the Portsmouth Heart Failure Fellowship. The closing date is the 15th of May - the advert is on NHS jobs via this link

Also a quick reminder to sign up for the Basingstoke training day on the 16th of May - email me jwh20485@gmail.com



Basingstoke training day and thank yous!

Dear all

I have been sent the program for the Basingstoke training day which looks like it should be excellent. It is on Wednesday the 16th of May. Click here to see the program. Please email me to sign up - jwh20485@gmail.com.

Also following Ben's message I just wanted to say a big thank you to both Ben and Tony. Their hard work has been invaluable and they will be missed as they move onto new pastures! I would of course also be happy to discuss the role with anyone who is interested and I can strongly recommend it!


Trainee Rep & BJCA Council Election

Dear Trainees,
I am sure that most of you are already aware that Jonathan Hinton and I have spent the last couple of years acting as your trainee representatives. You are probably less familiar with what we actually do. We basically have three responsibilities;
  • Local Representation - We attend all the Specialty Training Committee (STC) meetings, (including the Autumn meeting where we present the results of the annual trainee survey). At the STC we are able to represent your views to the Training Programme Director, the deanery staff and the deanery wide consultant body. The STC are responsible for everything to do with your training. We are therefore able to provide a trainee voice on wide ranging issues such as interviews, job allocations, ARCPs, study leave, moving expenses and out of programme experiences.

  • Improve Local Training - We continuously endeavour to improve all aspects of cardiology training in Wessex. Over the last twelve months we have made significant efforts to improve the regional training days and to provide entertaining evening meetings. We have been extremely fortunate to have been fantastically supported throughout our tenure by Dr Tony Dimarco, who has taken responsibility as a training days coordinator, and excelled in this position. Tony, who is in his final year, will shortly be unable to continue in this role and we thank him tremendously for his help.  

  • National Body Representation - The BJCA provide two Council positions for each region's training representatives. We therefore sit on the BJCA Council, attend the BJCA Annual General Meeting on your behalf and throughout the year provide communication to you all from the BJCA.
So why am I sharing this information with you?
Because I have decided to step down from my position, which means it is time to elect my replacement. Although I have very much enjoyed being a local trainee rep, I have recently taken on positions of responsibility with both the British Heart Rhythm Society and the British Cardiovascular Society, demanding roles which I will have to juggle with writing up my PhD and returning to clinical work.

This is also an excellent time to elect a new trainee representative as it will give the new incumbent a couple of years working together with Jonathan, benefitting from his experience. This is definitely preferable to electing two representatives down the line (when Jonathan and I finish our training together) a point which was recently highlighted to us by the STC.

Finally, as Tony is stepping down, we would like to try and incorporate his role with that of the two training representatives, so it makes even more sense to hold an election now. This will ensure that the person who takes on training day organisation benefits from one of the BJCA positions which we are allowed to have, removing this disparity from the current set up.

Tony and I will also be available to help the new representative. Tony has offered his support up until his CCT whilst I intend to continue to help in several aspects with training in Wessex, including organisation of the subspeciality EP training days.

So what now?
Well you need to decide if you want to considered for election and then whether or not you are eligible (criteria below). If you are both keen and eligible you will need to write a statement (maximum 250 words) and send it to benedict.wiles@uhs.nhs.uk by 5pm on Wednesday 16th May

If we have more than one applicant we will hold an election and your statement will be sent out to all NTN holders by e-mail and everyone will have 14 days to cast their vote. The winner will then be announced prior to BCS, with the winner able to attend the BCS Council meeting at the 2018 conference; their first job in the new role!

Eligibility Criteria
1. You currently have a Cardiology NTN in Wessex.

2. You intend to continue as a Wessex cardiology trainee throughout the three year period from June 2018 to June 2021. During this period you can of course be out of programme for any reason at all (including maternity leave or career break). You can also be a less than full time trainee. However, trainees who intend to relocate during this three year period (i.e. undertake research in another deanery) should recognise that this position involves significant time spent in the geographical area of Wessex (attending meetings, training days and evening events) and should consider this prior to application.

3. Permission of the Training Programme Director (Dr John Paisey) - this is to prevent trainees who may currently be struggling to meet their training requirements from over burdening themselves with an extra curricular role. You do not however need to seek this permission yourself. Just be aware that Dr Paisey will review the submitted personal statements prior to an election taking place.

Good luck everyone! I hope you will all give strong consideration to taking this opportunity. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jonathan or I if you have any questions at all.

Kind Regards,

Ben Wiles

Evening events in May

Dear all

There is still time to sign up to two excellent evening events in May, both of which will involve a nice dinner out and some education:

2nd May: Chesil Rectory (Winchester) - ACS and antithrombotic therapy - sponsored by Bayer - Arrivals from 1900 - email ellie.draper@bayer.com to sign up

24th May (please not date changed): White Horse (Romsey) - DFT and CardioMems Introduction - Sponsored by Abbott - email rob.adam@uhs.nhs.uk for more information and to sign up

BCS conference and a BJCA recommended course

Dear all

Ben has highlighted that I put the incorrect dates in my last post for the BCS conference. The dates are 4th-6th June. It would be great to see lots of you there. We will plan a Wessex SPR dinner on the Monday evening (no reps!), so if you would like to be included - send me your number (jwh20485@gmail.com) and I will add you to a BCS watts app group.

Also the BJCA have asked us to highlight this advanced echo course to you:
  • Advanced Echocardiography with Mayo Clinic faculty, 11-12 June 2018, Norton House Hotel, near Edinburgh

You can find more details by clicking this link:



Upcoming training days

Dear all,

Just a reminder to sign up for the upcoming AHCD training day. It is on April the 19th at Southampton on abnormalities of left heart inflow. There is a £20 charge for catering and if you would like to come you need to register with Sharon.

There is also the South Coast Heart Failure meeting on the 24th of April - sign up required and the Basingstoke training day on the 16th of May - topic to be confirmed. It would also be great to see lots of you at BCS 5-7th June!

EP Subspecialty Training

Dear All,

Following on from last year’s successful training programme, we have decided that the 2018 Wessex EP Subspecialty Training Days will follow a similar pattern to last year. This means there will be a total of three training days, with the location moving between Portsmouth, Bournemouth and Southampton. The first training day is now confirmed as follows:

*** SVT Ablation:  Wednesday 13th June, Portsmouth Marriot Hotel ***

All of the training days are being kindly supported by Boston Scientific, which means they are free to attend and that lunch / refreshments will be provided.

I will share the Bournemouth (AF/AT) and Southampton (VT / SCD) training dates when they are confirmed. Please feel free to forward this to any colleagues who may be interested. Apologies to those of you who may have received this twice as I have sent it out on both the 'EP interested e-mail list' and also on this blog, to ensure everyone is aware of these training days. 

Kind Regards,


Upcoming Pacing and Transseptal Courses

The BJCA have asked us to share these two courses with you:

1) Liverpool Hands On Cardiac Pacing Course - 18th/19th June 2018

2) Harefield Transseptal Course - 20th July 2018



STC meeting information

Dear all

Just a quick update regarding following the STC meeting regarding the ARCP process this year:

1.eARCPs will be on the 15th of June (you do not need to attend). The requirements for a successful ARCP (which need to be uploaded before the end of May) are listed here:

  • completion of the JRCPTB requirements for stage of training which can be found via; ARCP decision aid and the guidance on WPBAs
  • It is important to have a supervisors report for each of your placements since your last ARCP
  • Specific requirements in addition to these for Wessex are; training day attendance log, an MSF each year and progress towards BSE accreditation
  • Log book and CV
In line with national guidance it is likely that the ARCP process will become stricter and therefore it is important to spread your WPBAs throughout the year as if they are clustered towards the end of the year it may result in an unsatisfactory ARCP outcome.

2. Feedback appointments (ie if you don't pass the eARCP - which you MUST attend) and PYAs are on the 2nd of July - make sure you are available for this now

3. Rotation planning meetings will be on the 14th of September - you MUST also attend these if you want a job in Wessex the following year - make sure you are available for this now

Finally congratulations to our colleague, Dr Ben Wiles on winning the best case presentation in the EHRA Young EP Clinical cases session - I was not there but I hear that his presentation was excellent even if he did ask Dr Brugada to join him on a business venture! 

May evening events

Dear all

Rob and Simon are kindly in the process of arranging an evening event for the 17th of May in Romsey where they will talk on DFT optimisation and the cardioMEMs system. In order to gauge interest please could you email Rob if you are interested.

Also there are still spaces at the evening event on the 2nd of May at the Chesil Rectory - please see here for more details and email Ellie to sign up



Imaging training day Monday 26th of March

Dear all

Just a quick reminder that the cardiovascular imaging training day is this Monday (26th March). It will be held at the Heartbeat center at Southampton.  It looks like an interesting program focusing on the use of CT. The start time is 1000 and you can see the program here. There is no need to pre-register to attend this training day.

Hope to see lots of you there


Cardiovascular imaging training day and next evening event

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder that the next training day is the 26th of March on cardiovascular imaging - further details to follow shortly.

Also the next evening event will be on the 2nd of May at the Chesil Rectory - this meeting is being organised by Ellie from Bayer and will have an educational talk on ACS and antithrombotic therapy. Click here for a provisional program and please email Ellie Draper to sign up - Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis!

STC meeting

Dear all

The next Wessex STC meeting is on Friday, Ben and I will be going to represent trainees. If there are any issues relating to training / working in the deanery that you would like us to raise please email me jwh20485@gmail.com.

Secondly thanks to all those who have signed up to the TAVI day - I look forward to seeing you there!


Cardiac imaging in aortic stenosis

Dear all

Dr Shah has brought this course on imaging in aortic stenosis to my attention. It looks like it should be a really useful day and  has some excellent speakers! Its on the 27th of April at the Royal Society of Medicine, comes with BSE re-accreditation points and only costs £40. To find out more and sign up click here

Further date for the diary and correction of omission

Dear all

The message I sent yesterday didn't have the date for the ACHD training day on it - it's the 19th of April - all the dates are up to date on the training day part of the blog so check it out!

Also Hayley from Servier has extended the invite to us for the next Hampshire Heart Failure Meeting - 6th of March at the Green Man in Winchester where Dr Senthil Kirubakaran from QA will be speaking on heart failure and atrial fibrillation - if you' like to go along please email Hayley

Have a great weekend!

Dates for the diary

Dear all

Great to see so many of you at the 'fight night' yesterday. Just thought I'd send a little reminder of the up coming training days and the next evening event:

TAVI training day - 27th Feb at Bartley Lodge in Cadnam - click here for the provisional program and please email me to reserve a space - jwh20485@gmail.com

Cardiovascular imaging day - 26th March at SGH - I don't have a program yet but please arrange with your departments so that you can secure your time for this

ACHD training day - theme now confirmed as LV inflow abnormalities - click here for the program and please contact Sharon Henley to sign up - there is a small cost for this day (£20  - which can be paid on the day).

South Coast Heart Failure Meeting - 24th April - click here for more details

The next evening event will be on the 2nd of May at the Chesil Rectory - this meeting is being organised by Ellie from Bayer and will have an educational talk on ACS and antithrombotic therapy. Click here for a provisional program and please email Ellie Draper to sign up - Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis!

For future training days keep an eye on our training day section of the blog and let you departments know as soon as possible. It would be great to see lots of you at BCS in June too!


BSCI/BSCCT, BSCMR, BNCS annual meeting in Edinburgh, BCVI, 2-4May 2018

Dear all

Alastair has brought this meeting to our attention - may be of interest to those with an imaging interest or just trying to achieve curriculum sign offs:

The Cardiovascular Imaging Societies are hosting a joint meeting in Edinburgh in May. It will also include Level 1 training in CT, MRI and Nuclear so may help tick some boxes for the ARCP.
 It’s £100 for members, so quite a lot cheaper than the usual CT/MRI courses on offer.

Title: British Cardiovascular Imaging Meeting 2018: joint meeting between BSCI/BSCCT, BSCMR and BNCS
Date: 2-4 May 2018
Location: John McIntyre Conference Centrem Edinburgh

Registration is now open 
Register online at: https://tinyurl.com/bcvi2018

BJCA Survey

Dear All,

I know this is annoying and I promise that this will be my last e-mail on the subject, but please can everyone just complete the BJCA survey as soon as possible. It genuinely only takes around 5 minutes to complete and you may win some free funding for ESC in the process.

Currently I am receiving daily e-mails from the BJCA informing me that less than 1/3 of Wessex trainees have completed it  and I know we can do better. I absolutely hate seeing deanery league tables which have us languishing near the relegation zone!


I hope you all have good weekends,



A couple of things to highlight to you from the BJCA

1) Please complete the BJCA survey

2) Act very quickly if you want to go to BJCA's excellent (and completely free) Core Curriculum course. It is perfect for anyone who hasn't yet completed their EEGC but will fill up rapidly.



BSH Heart failure day and Cardio-oncology opportunity

Dear all

Dr Kalra has brought this course to our attention - it claims to be 'all you need to know about heart failure in one day' and features some of the Wessex heart failure team. It is on Thursday the 1st of March, for more details and to sign up clinic here.

Also Dr Carpenter has highlighted an opportunity to do a cardio-oncology fellowship at the Brompton to us - which is advertised on NHS job via this link https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/6fa9e28dcdabbe330f3a5b00d4e8bb91/?vac_ref=914942909

Finally look forward to seeing lots of you at the 'fight night' (menus will be sent shortly) and the TAVI training day


Reminder to sign up for Sub-specialty 'fight night', TAVI training day and South Coast Heart Failure Meeting

Dear all

Just a quick reminder to sign up to these events to ensure that you don't miss out

Sub-specialty 'fight night' - 7th Feb Green Man Winchester 1900 - email jwh20485@gmail.com to sign up

TAVI training day 27th Feb - Bartley Lodge Cadnam - email jwh20485@gmail.com to sign up

South Coast Heart Failure Meeting - Poole 24th April - to sign up please complete the registration form and email to christopher.boos@poole.nhs.uk and cc in amanda.avey@poole.nhs.uk

Hope to see lots of you at these events

Sub-speciality 'Fight night' & TAVI training day

Dear all

Just a quick reminder to sign up to these two events:

Sub-speciality fight night is on the evening of 7th of Feb at the Green Man in Winchester. We are now getting down to the last few spaces for this event which should be an excellent evening with lots of key players from the region attempting to convince us of the merits of their specialty.

TAVI training day is on the 27th of Feb at the Bartley Lodge in Cadnam, this looks like an excellent training day organised by the TAVI team at UHS.

Sign up to both of these events by emailing me jwh20485@gmail.com

ICC training day program

Dear all

Click here to view the program for the ICC day tomorrow (10th Jan) at UHS, starting at 0845 in the heart beat suite - looks like it should be an excellent day


Preparing to be a consultant and South Coast Heart Failure Day

Dear all

Hayley from Servier has emailed me with details of a course run by Servier in conjunction with the BJCA for trainees within 18 months of CCT entitled 'Preparing to be a consultant' on the 8th of February. This looks like it should be a really useful course and its free! Click here for more details.

Also the South Coast Heart Failure Day is fast approaching - please see this message from Dr Boos:
I am writing to invite you to the 8th annual South Coast Heart Failure Meeting will be held on Tuesday 24thApril 2018 at the Haven Hotel, Sandbanks, Dorset.
 The demand for places exceeds supply and unfortunately we could not accommodate all interested potential attendees last year. Hence, to avoid disappointment please fill out your registration early. 
I have attached the preliminary agenda and registration form
The registration deadline will be the 31st  January  2017 or when all available places are filled which from last years' experience could be within less than 4 weeks. In order to register, please complete the registration form and e-mail back to me at christopher.boos@poole.nhs.uk and cc in amanda.avey@poole.nhs.uk

Wessex Valve training day

Dear all

I hope you are all settling into your new jobs!

Dr Rawlins has now confirmed details for the Wessex Valve day. This is on the 27th of February and should be an excellent day covering all aspects of TAVI relevant to our training. It is going to be held at Bartley Lodge in Cadnam with registration from 0930. The program looks great - click here to view! Please let your new trusts know so that you can secure study leave and email me to sign up jwh20485@gmail.com. Please also check the training day page so as to let your trusts know the dates so that you can secure your time.