Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Next evening event -sub-specialty fight night

Dear all

I hope you are enjoying the festive break - as our gift to you we have arranged the next evening event on the 7th of February at the Green Man in Winchester! The event will pit sub-specialty consultants  (confirmed so far: Dr Calver (UHS - intervention), Dr Paisey (UHS - EP), Dr Haydock (UHS - HF), Dr Freestone (Imaging HHFT), with ACHD to be confirmed) against each other to attempt to persuade us as to why their sub-specialty is best! This will be followed by dinner. It should be a light hearted event but will also give those of you who haven't decided on your sub-specialty an opportunity to chat to leaders in each field to gain insight into what their sub-specialty is like and what is required to be successful in that area.

This event is sponsored by Tim at BMS. We have tried to secure as many spaces as possible but as always spaces are limited -  if you would like to sign up please email me jwh20485@gmail.com

Happy New Year!

ICC training day sign up and next evening event

Dear all

The first training day of 2018 is fast approaching, it is in Southampton and is covering ICC - this should be an excellent day! If you would like to come and haven't already signed up please email Simon

Also a date for your diaries - the next evening meeting - entitled sub specialty fight night will be on the 7th of Feb. More details to follow soon!

Happy Christmas!

PhD in Cardio-oncology

Dear all

Dr Carpenter has forwarded this excellent opportunity to potentially undertake a PhD in cardio-oncology at Newcastle - click here for more information

ACHD Training Day - Thursday 30th November

A quick message to confirm that this week’s ACHD training day on left heart obstruction will start at 9am in the Wessex Heartbeat Education Centre at UHS (F level, North wing). If you are coming then you should have already emailed Dr Fitzsimmons but if you haven’t done so then do it now!

VT Training Day - 6th December

Dear All,

On Wednesday 6th December 2017 we are holding a training day on VT ablation. This is being held at the Holiday Inn in Eastleigh and is being kindly supported by Boston Scientific. It is completely free to attend. Lunch and refreshments will also be provided. 

Attendance is recommended for all current (and future) EP or Devices trainees, but also for more junior trainees who want to cover their core curriculum requirements in either VT or ablation. 

To take advantage of this free and local course please contact me by email. 


2018 Training days & EEGC/KBA

Dear all

The list of training days for next year is taking shape - click here to view these and please make a note of them in your diary now! We will continue to update this website as and when we know more details. We know that most of you are changing jobs in January – please be helpful to the person following you into your post by making sure your current team are aware of these dates. Clinics and routine commitments could be cancelled and this can be done now, even if you are leaving!

Also the registration for the EEGC (formerly the KBA), which can be undertaken from your ST5 year onwards (we would recommend getting it done in ST5!), is now online - click here.

First Training day of the new year - 10th January

Dear all,

The team at Southampton have arrange the first training day of the year on the 10th of January. It will be dedicated to ICC and looks like it will be an excellent day. Click here for the program. I appreciate that most people will be changing trusts but please let your trusts know as soon as possible so that you can attend! If you would like to attend please email me jwh20485@gmail.com.


CMR Introductory Course at Queen Mary's

We have been asked to highlight this course to you all. It is an introduction to Cardiovascular MRI which might appeal to those of you who are imaging orientated, or those with core curriculum goals in mind. It is being held at Queen Mary's in London on November 13th 2017.

Topics covered include physics made easy, essential CMR safety, how to do a CMR scan, CMR in heart failure, stress perfusion scanning, cardiomyopathies. I'm sorry to say that the early booking period has already passed (as this course is in a couple of weeks), so it will set you back £85.

ACHD training day - date change

Dear all

In order to provide the usual high class faculty for the ACHD training day they have had to move the date to the 30th of November. This should be an excellent day on interatrial communications and VSDs. Please let your trusts know of the change in date so that you can be given the time to attend. If you would like to sign up please contact me jwh20485@gmail.com

STC Meeting Feedback

The cardiology Specialist Training Committee (STC) met last Friday and as trainee representatives we attended on your behalf. The following is a summary of information from the meeting which we feel you need to be aware of.

1) It is now compulsory for all ST3 and ST4 trainees to spend one week in each year (two weeks in total) attached to the Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) team at University Hospital Southampton. If you are currently an ST3 or ST4 trainee you need to identify a week where you can take study leave from your current post and liaise with Dr Aisling Carroll regarding spending that week with her team. We advise you to do this well in advance.

2) Please put the following dates in your diaries for 2018 and remember to share them with your new trusts.

  • ARCP 15th June 2018 (you do not need to attend in person)
  • ARCP documents deadline 31st May 2018
  • PYA and Unsatisfactory Outcome ARCP 2nd July 2018 (you must attend in person)
  • Rotation planning 14th September 2018 (you must attend in person)

3) From around 2019 onward your cardiology rotations are going to move from their traditional start date of January, to a more conventional August start date. This will bring us in line with other specialties and also, more importantly, with external fellowships and research posts. To retain flexibility and to prevent trainees being limited to a single entry/exit point each year, jobs will run from August to February, then from February to August, with the expectation that most jobs are still twelve months in duration. This is a positive move by the STC, but we may all have to be patient whilst it gets introduced. Inevitably some jobs will be extended to 13 months to facilitate this change, whilst those in research or looking at fellowships will have to bear this possible change in mind. 

4) By now you should all have received you job allocations for next year. It is not possible for everyone to be allocated where they wish to go,  but please do not despair! Good luck in your new posts.

South Coast EP Group (SCEG)

The next South Coast EP Group (SCEG) meeting will take place on Thursday 23rd November 2017 at Hotel Du Vin in Winchester, from 7pm onwards. Refreshments and a buffet supper will be provided by Biosense Webster and the evening will comprise two excellent talks:

1) Ablation in ARVC - Dr Senthil Kirubakaran

2) Utility of Ripple Mapping in Diagnosis and Ablatino - Dr Richard Bala

Attendance is free of charge and all Wessex cardiology trainees are invited. There is no need to confirm your attendance in advance. Feel free to join us.

Cardiac Sarcoidosis Symposium

We have been asked to share information with you regarding the Cardiac Sarcoidosis Symposium which takes place on November 14th 2017 at the National Heart and Lung Institute in London. Registration cost £100. For more details and to register click here.

Poole training day - 10/10

Dear all,

Thanks to all those who have signed up to the Poole training day on the 10th October. There is still capacity if you would like to come. It kicks off at 0900 in the post-grad center at Poole Hospital - click here for the program.


BJCA headstart

Hi all

Just a heads up that sign up for the BJCA headstart course is going live on the 27th at 9am. These courses are excellent and they normally 'sell out (they are free)' within hours. You should have got a message from the BJCA about it but they really are such an excellent opportunity that I thought I'd highlight it! Please see below for more details:

BJCA HeadStart 2017, 21-22 October 2017, Royal Free Hospital, London
25 September 2017
Dear all,

HeadStart 2017 has been officially launched! This meeting is open to all Junior Cardiologists and other trainees interested in Cardiology. It covers all aspects of what you need to know as a Junior Cardiology Registrar (ST3-ST5).

Starting training in Cardiology can be a daunting process. There are a great number of practical skills you need to acquire, including angiography, cardiac pacing and echocardiography. In addition, emergencies can be a challenge to manage and learn at the same time.

We aim to cover all key essential procedures and emergencies that you will encounter during your Cardiology training. The two-day course is delivered by an experienced and expert faculty of UK Cardiologists.
  • Come to learn how to do key procedures in Cardiology as well as gain important tips and tricks.
  • Learn about key steps in performing echocardiography, how to report.
  • Learn how to assess and manage important cardiac emergencies.
Tickets will be available from 9am, Wednesday 27th September 2017 through Eventbrite: https://bjca-headstart2017.eventbrite.co.uk

HeadStart 2016 sold out in record time. To give everyone a fair chance at getting tickets, they will be made available from 9am on the 27th September. Please only sign-up if you are sure you can attend. If you find you cannot attend, please email us through Eventbrite so the ticket can be released for another doctor.

Very best wishes,

Dr Mahmood Ahmad                 Dr Chris Allen               
Course Director                         Course Director

Dr Abhishek Joshi                     Dr Jubin Joseph
Secretary, BJCA                        President, BJCA

To prevent this message being treated as spam please, add bjca@bcs.com to your address book

Hampshire heart failure meeting

Dear all

Please see the below message from Hayley at Servier regarding the upcoming Hampshire heart failure meeting (13th Sept) - sorry for the lack of notice! Please contact Hayley if you would like to attend - hayley.allen@servier.com

I am pleased to confirm the agenda for the next Hampshire Heart Failure meeting at the Hotel du Vin, Winchester on Wednesday 13thSeptember.
 6.30pm – Registration; welcome drinks and refreshments
7.00pm – Professor Martin Cowie Webinar: Procoralan Data and highlights from the ESC HF congress(Professor of Cardiology and Consultant Cardiologist at RBHT) 
This session will be chaired by Dr Kaushik Guha(Consultant Cardiologist at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust)
8.00pm – Dr Paul Kalra: An Update on IV Iron(Consultant Cardiologist & HF Lead at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust)
8.30pm – Dinner

Jobs at Bournemouth Hospital

Dr Chris Critoph (Heart Failure Lead, Bournemouth Hospital) has asked us to share the following message regarding jobs which are shortly to be advertised. If you have any further questions regarding these posts please contact Dr Critoph directly.

"In Bournemouth we will be advertising an imaging and heart failure fellow post to commence likely January 2018 (although could be before depending on the applicant). This will also include my inherited cardiac clinic. It will also include cardiac imaging at Poole. It will be competitive entry and advertised nationally, but just wanted to let Wessex trainees know in advance of next week’s rotation planning. This could be used as a deanery post for an ST5 too if suitable applicant. In addition, we have / are about to advertise 2 EP and devices fellow posts as per usual."

BJCA Events Update

There are a number of upcoming BJCA events that may well be of interest to you. These are all listed on the BJCA website. It would be worth taking a couple of minutes to have a look through them all.

ACHD course and first training day of 2018

Dear all

We have the date for the first training day of 2018! The team at Southampton are planning a training day on ICC on the 10th of January which should be an excellent day and will help to address this curriculum topic that is often hard to cover. Please let your departments know as soon as possible (even if you are expecting to be moving on in January please let the department know so that they can make arrangements for your colleagues who will follow you in January)

Also I have been given details of what looks like an excellent two day course covering ACHD - it is on the 16 & 17th October at the BCS in London - click here for more information.


Imaging in Intervention Course, Poole training day and Evening event

Dear all

Dr Critoph has highlighted this interesting course on advanced imaging in interventional cardiology. It sounds like it will be a helpful course covering the key relationship between these ares, there are opportunities for 'hands on' experience and its free! Click here for more details.

Also we haven't had much of a response to the Poole training day sign up as yet (the team at Poole and Bournemouth have put in a lot of effort to arrange what sounds like it will be an excellent day combining imaging and heart failure) - there are still more than six weeks to go so you should still have time to give your trusts notice to come - click here for more details and email me to sign up jwh20485@gmail.com.

Also there are still spaces at the next evening event - this should be an excellent opportunity to catch up and hear about some important topics including how to pass BSE, how to go out of program for research and others! Click here for more information and email me to sign up jwh20485@gmail.com

Poole training day

Dear all

Thank you to everyone who has completed the training survey! The Poole training is now just under two months away - still plenty of time to get your study leave request in time for 6 weeks notice! The Poole and Bournemouth Consultants are arranging what will no doubt be an excellent program on heart failure and imaging. This will be held on the 10th of October in the Postgraduate Centre at Poole Hospital. Further details to follow but please let you team know so that you can get the time protected and also contact me to sign up jwh20485@gmail.com.

Also the National Training day is six weeks away, it is always an excellent day - you can see more and should be able to sign up soon via this link.

Finally please do sign up via my email if you would like to come to the next evening event - see my previous blog message for details

Trainee survey

Dear all

Thanks to all those who have already completed the survey, this really does help to guide any changes that are needed to improve training. There a couple of hospitals (Poole and Dorchester) which have had no responses as of yet. Please do try to complete the survey - it will only take 5 mins or so and your answers will be kept anonymous (if you are from a trust with only a small number of trainees we will group answers from these trusts in order to ensure your anonymity).

Thanks for your help

Next evening dinner - ' what I wish I'd known when I started training'

Dear all,

Tim from BMS is kindly going to sponsor the next evening event which will be on the 27th of September at the Wykeham Arms in Winchester. The title for the evening is ' what I wish I'd known when I started training' and will cover topics including how to get your BSE accreditation, how to go out of program and other trainee issues. Whilst this is targeted at those in the earlier years of training, everyone is welcome and it would of course would be helpful to have other more senior trainees to pass on any pearls of wisdom! Plus the Wykeham arms is always a great venue!

As always the numbers are limited so please email me to sign up as soon as possible jwh20485@gmail.com. Further details regarding timings will follow soon!

Look forward to seeing lots of you there


Radiation Protection

Certification in radiation protection is a mandatory requirement for all of you. This is assessed at your ARCP and it is strongly recommended that you complete this training early on (ideally ST3), so as to achieve maximal benefit throughout your subsequent time in the cardiac catheter labs. Traditionally this has meant attending an Ionising Radiation Medical Exposure Regulations (IRMER) course, something which I am sure the majority of you have already done.

For those of you who do not an IRMER certificate, especially those who are just beginning your training, there is now an online learning option which you can utilise. The course, Radiation Protection For Cardiology, can be completed from the luxury of your own home using the link provided. 

John Paisey has confirmed that local ARCP panels will accept this online certification as sufficient evidence of radiation protection training.

Wessex Trainee Survey

Thank you to everyone who has completed the Wessex Trainee Survey so far. Unfortunately we have not received responses from a number of you. Please complete it now, it will take you less than 5 minutes and the responses are extremely useful for the STC.

Wessex Heartbeat Training Day

On Thursday 14th December there is an excellent training day being run at University Hospital Southampton, with lectures from nine different UHS Cardiology Consultants, covering a wide breadth of specialties and topics. The day is part of a two day symposium on CV&T with Friday 15th December being dedicated to more surgical topics.

We would strongly recommend that you all review the program and consider attending. This isn't actually one of regional training days, but there is sufficient time to book study leave and attend. The cost of attending one day is just £15 (£10 if you work at UHS) which is donated to Wessex Heartbeat Charity. This represents excellent value for money.

20th British Society for Heart Failure Annual Autumn Meeting

Paul Haydock has asked us to share the details of this excellent meeting with you all. Entitled 'Three Decades Of Heart Failure' this national meeting combines heart failure experts from across the UK and looks like an excellent learning opportunity.

It takes place on 23rd and 24th November 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London. Our very own Peter Cowburn is one of the program directors with Wessex heart failure also being representing by both Paul Kalra and Jayne Masters.

Full details are here

Wessex trainee survey

Dear all

We would really appreciate it if you could all answer this brief survey regarding training in Wessex. Whilst I am aware that you will have already had the GMC and BJCA surveys this one really helps inform us so that we can raise any training issues in the deanery at the STC meeting. This is our opportunity to help improve training for us all. The survey is short and can be accessed via this link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SZXH26Y

Please do try and take the 5 mins or so that it will take to complete this and if you have any other issues that you would like to raise at the STC at the beginning of October please email me jwh20485@gmail.com

Many thanks

Jonathan & Ben

Calling all those with an interest in heart failure sub-specialty training

An Oxford trainee by the name of Jo Grogono has taken on the responsibility of British Society for Heart Failure Rep for Oxford/Wessex.

In order to ensure that they are able to keep budding heart failure specialists up to date with the dealings of the society, and foster good relationships going forward, I would be grateful if all those pursuing (or intending to pursue) sub-specialty heart failure training in ST6/7 would make contact on this e-mail:

Please also feel free to contact me (paul.haydock@uhs.nhs.uk) at the same time, as it would be nice to know those who are coming through. I am very happy to be approached for advice on training matters and opportunities locally and further afield.

Leeds EP Core Curriculum Course

Dear All,

The 5th Leeds EP Core Curriculum Course (LECCC 2017) will take place this year on November 30th & December 1st. This is an excellent course for ST3-5 trainees which covers all of the core EP curriculum using small group teaching and case based discussions.

The course is held the Radisson Blu Hotel in Leeds and amazingly it is provided completely free if charge. This means free overnight hotel accommodation and a free dinner on the evening of the 30th November, not to mention the two days of teaching. You only need to cover the cost of your travel to Leeds to attend.

I went on this course in 2014 and thought it was excellent. You even get certification at the end that you have undertaken four Case Based Discussions. I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in EP. To book a place you need to contact the organiser Dr Andrew Hogarth directly who will then want you to send a nominal deposit which gets returned to you on completion of the course.

See the flyer below for more details.


3rd Cardiac MRI Conference - 26th October 2017

Dear All,

Dr Paisey has asked us to share this educational opportunity with you.

The 3rd Cardiac MRI Conference will take place in Liverpool on 26th October 2017. This is a national conference orgainsed by the North West Education Cardiac Group. The theme this year is Ischaemic Heart Disease and the cost to attend is £30, which includes lunch.

The Conference Agenda can be found here.


Ben and John

Cardiac CT Level 2: Liverpool - 15-20th October 2017

We have been asked to advertise the following course which may be of interest to you.

6 Day Cardiac CT Level 2 Course
15th - 20th October
Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool
Organiser: Dr Vishal Sharma, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Liverpool Hospital

For more details click here or contact the organisers by e-mail

I would advise booking immediately (before July 1st) to get an £800 reduction in price... although it will still set you back £1,700.

Portsmouth Devices Training Day - 19th July

To date I have had a poor response regarding the Portsmouth Devices training day on 19th July. This is frustrating given that the date has been advertised since the start of the year. With this length of notice all trainees should have ensured their release from routine clinical work and everyone should be attending. Please e-mail me to confirm your attendance - benedict.wiles@uhs.nhs.uk

If you are being told that you cannot attend by your trust then you should also e-mail providing me with the following details; your name, grade, current trust and the date you applied for leave to attend. I can then discuss this with Dr Paisey our TPD.  

Perhaps it would be sensible to also take the time to look at the remaining Training Days for 2017 and ensure that the necessary leave is sorted. 

South West Regional British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) meeting

The South West Regional British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) meeting is due to take place in Poole on September 14th 2017. The event is being organised by Dr Chris Steadman from Poole Hospital, with the faculty comprising several Wessex Cardiology Consultants. Attendance is free and we would therefore encourage Wessex cardiology trainees to attend where possible.

For further details and to secure a place please follow this link: Poole BSE Meeting

European Heart Rhythm Association Young Investigator Award

We would like to offer our congratulations to Wessex trainee Dr Ben Sieniewicz, who earlier this week, finished as runner up in the prestigious European Heart Rhythm Association Young Investigator's Prize 2017. 

Ben presented his abstract; 'Identifying the optimal location for LV endocardial pacing: results from a multicentre international registry', at the EHRA Conference in Vienna, where it was chosen as the second best piece of young investigator research in Europe, a superb achievement.

Final reminder - evening meeting 21st June

Dear all,

Anyone wishing to sign up for the evening meeting on the 21st of June needs to do so as soon as possible by emailing Hayley (hayley allen@servier.com) as the venue need to know dinner choices. For more details click here.

Hope to see lots of you there


Portsmouth EP and Devices Training Day - 19th July

Dear All,

The next SpR training day will be the Portsmouth EP and Devices day on the 19th July. This is always an excellent day which has been oversubscribed in the past. The day is supported by Sponsorship from Medtronic. Places may be limited by the number of Medtronic programmers which are provided for our use. Please therefore send me an e-mail ASAP to secure a place - benedict.wiles@uhs.nhs.uk Attendance is free.

Date:  Wednesday 19th July 2017, starting at 9:30am

Venue: Marriott Hotel, 1 Southampton Rd, Portsmouth PO6 4SA

Morning: Arrhythmias and ECG interpretation with Dr Andrews & Dr Kirubakaran

Lunch: Sponsored by Medtronic

Afternoon: Device interrogation with Dr Morton

Please note that this date was advertised at the start of 2017, there should therefore be no excuses for not attending and certainly all trusts should have already cancelled routine clinical commitments. Again let me know if you come across problems with attending.

Please also be aware that there is free parking at the hotel, but you need to enter your number plate into the computer system at the hotel on arrival.



Sponsored evening 21st June - reminder

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder that Hayley from Servier is sponsoring our next evening meeting on the 21st June at the Green Man in Winchester - for details click here. So far we haven't had many people sign up, this should provide a useful update on current heart failure therapy and tips for future consultant applications as well as a nice chance to catch up with everyone over dinner. If you haven't signed up but would like to please email hayley.allen@servier.com.Have a nice weekend!


Basingstoke Training Day 24th May

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder that the Basingstoke Training day is on Wednesday, it will be held at the Apollo Hotel opposite the hospital, postcode RG24 9NU. Click here  to see the program.

Hope to see lots of you there


Sponsored evening meeting - 21st June

Dear all,

Hayley from Servier has kindly agreed to sponsor the next evening meeting on the 21st of June at the Green Man in Winchester. It will start at 1830 and you can see the program  is below:

6.30pm – Arrivals - drinks and sharing platters will be available
7.00pm – Professor Cowie webimar: ‘Highlights from the ESC heart failure congrss 2017
7.30pm – Q&A
8.00pm – Dr Kaushik Guha: Tips for applying for consultant roles and insights into the first year as a consultant
8.30pm – Dinner

If you would like to come please choose your main and pudding from the menu and send it to hayley.allen@servier.com. As always there is a limited number of spaces and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Look froward to seeing lots of you there!


Congenital Cardiology Study Day - 29th June

Dear all

Please see below information regarding the upcoming congenital study day

We are pleased to invite you to the next Congenital Cardiology Network Study Day, which will take place on June 29th 2017 in the Heartbeat Lecture theatre, F Level North Wing, University Hospital Southampton.

We are very excited to be welcoming Prof Bob Anderson back for the anatomy demonstrations, and our excellent and enthusiastic faculty will cover everything you want and need to know about Functionally univentricular hearts.  Please see the provisional program.

Please let us know if you plan to attend by emailing norah.yap@uhs.nhs.uk.  There is a cost of £20 per attendee, to cover the catering costs; please make out a cheque payable to Southampton Hospital Charity - Congenital Echocardiography Fund and send it to Dr Norah Yap, paediatric cardiology registrar, mailpoint 46, D Level North Wing, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Tremona Road, Southampton SO16 6YD.

Please also notify us if you have any dietary requirements.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Correction of Tony's email address

Hi all

I'm afraid I put the wrong email address for Tony in the last post - this is the correct one Anthony.dimarco@btinternet.com. Please let him know if you are able to make the Basingstoke training day!

Basingstoke training day

Dear all

Tony would be grateful if those who are planning/able to attend the Basingstoke training day could let him know. If no one from your hospital is going to be able to come please could you also let him know - to guide whether it is worth running the daylater  in the year - email him on dimarco@btinternet.com


BJCA Practical Device Programming Course - 1st July

Dear all

Simon has organised a training day run with the BJCA on devices and programming of them. It is on Saturday 1st of July. This looks like an excellent program (click here) and Simon has kindly sent this out to us first so we can get booked into the places! To sign up please email simon.claridge@kcl.ac.uk.


Basingstoke training day

Dear all

I have just heard the date of the Basingstoke training day - 24th May - this is less than six weeks away so it is imperative that you let your departments know as soon as possible to allow you to attend. The day will be on the theme of ischaemia.

Hope to see lots of you there


Southampton Junior Cardiology fellow

Dear all

Dr Haydock has asked me to send this out to see whether you know of anyone who might be interested in a junior fellow (SHO equivalent post) in Southampton. This would be a good opportunity to gain some more experience for anyone wishing to apply for a number in the future. Here's the link to the job advert if you know anyone who might be interested! http://jobs.uhs.nhs.uk/job/v679765



BIR Cardiac MRI Course - 19th June 2017

The British Institute of Radiology Cardiac MRI Course
19 June 2017 - London

The organisers of this event have asked us to advertise this event as they feel it may appeal to cardiology trainees with an interest in CMR. The course promises to: 

"Explore a variety of vital areas covering cardiomyopathy, myocarditis and valvular heart disease and is suitable for radiologists, cardiologists, or trainees from both specialities. Attendees will discover why cardiac MRI is an excellent tool in the management of heart disease and gain tips on how to improve clinical practice and diagnosis."

Full programme and registration via the BIR website:  http://bit.ly/CardiacMR17

It looks like it will set you back £105 for the day. 

Advanced Imaging in Heart Failure Course

Dear all

Dr Shah has asked me to highlight this excellent looking course at the RSM on advanced imaging in heart failure. It is on the 28th April - if you want to know more click here!



Hampshire Heart Failure Meeting 3/5/2017

Dear all,

Hayley from Servier has kindly extended the invite to this meeting to us all! There are only 7 spaces left which will be allocated on a first come first served basis!

Hampshire Heart Failure Meeting
Wednesday 3rd May 6.30pm
The Winchester Hotel, Worthy Lane, Winchester SO23 7AB
“A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Heart Failure - The Evidence Behind it”

Agenda:                      6.30-7.15 Arrivals
7.15-8.00 Dr Geraint Morton; “A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Heart Failure - The Evidence Behind it”
8.00-8.20 TBC; “An update from the Heart Failure Association Congress in Paris”
                                    8.20 Dinner

If you would like to attend, please contact Hayley at Hayley.allen@servier.com

BSCI Spring meeting

Dear all

The British Society for Cardiovascular Imaging are having their Spring meeting in Bournemouth this year. It looks like an excellent program covering a range of imaging modalities. Here are the details of the meeting:

BSCI/BSCCT Annual Spring Meeting
Date: Thursday 18th - Friday 19th May 2017
Location: Bournemouth Marriot Highcliff Hotel, 105 St Michael’s Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5DU.

BJCA Survey

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder that the BJCA survey is now live, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete and your responses will help drive improvements to training at both a regional and national level. It can be accessed via this link:




Feedback from STC Meeting

Dear Trainees,

The Specialist Training Committee (STC) met last Friday and I attended on your behalf. Here is some feedback regarding the meeting along with some important dates for your calendars. I apologise for the length of this message but it contains important information.

1.       E-ARCPs will take place on Friday June 16th 2017:
                     i.           You will not attend in person. The panel will instead just review your e-portfolio and your submitted documentation. “If it isn’t on your portfolio, it did not happen”, be warned!
                   ii.           The final day on which you will be able to submit documentation and upload to your portfolio will be Friday 9th June 2017, put this in the diary now.
                  iii.          On Friday 30th June 2017 PYAs will take place. Unlike the E-ARCP, trainees in their penultimate year will have to attend in person. This date will also be used for face to face meetings with anyone who has received an unsatisfactory outcome from their E-ARCP three weeks earlier. Do NOT get yourself in this group, as you will buy yourself a face to face panel meeting and a permanent blotch on your record. If you are called for a face to face on Friday 30th June there will be no acceptable excuse for not being available to attend.
                 iv.            At the E-ARCP you must have a supervisor’s report on your e-portfolio for every post you have been in since the last ARCP. For most people this means a report for your September 2016 to January 2017 job and another report for January 2017 to June 2017. If during this period you have only had one job, then of course one report is sufficient.
                   v.            The JRCPTB Gold Guide for Cardiology (link a) gives you a summary of what is needed at each ARCP stage. You should also however take the time to read through the JRCPTB Guidance on WPBAs (second link). This goes through assessments year by year and makes things absolutely clear. There is no excuse for not knowing what you need to have done by the ARCP.  

2.       Rotation planning meetings
                     i.            If you want a job in the deanery in 2018, then you will need to attend a rotation planning meeting in September. These will be similar to previous ARCPs in terms of panel setup, but safe in the knowledge that you have already gained an outcome 1, the focus can be on job planning and training issues.
                   ii.            These will take on Friday September 8th 2017 and Tuesday September 12th 2017. Put these dates in the diary now and make sure you are available to be called on either one.
                  iii.            If you will be out of programme in September 2017 and you are NOT returning to programme at all in 2018 then you do not have to attend a planning meeting, although you are welcome to have one if you would like the opportunity to sit down and discuss your training progress / needs with the committee.
                 iv.            If you do NOT want to have a planning meeting in 2018, because of the unique set of circumstances described in (iii) above, then let please let me know (benedict.wiles@uhs.nhs.uk) and I will give this list of names to the deanery. Otherwise you will be called to attend.

3.       ACHD Training
                     i.            All Wessex trainees currently get a 4 week block of training that is dedicated to ACHD during their time at Southampton. Unfortunately this often comes relatively late in your training and is a short period of time in which to obtain all the necessary ACHD competencies from the core curriculum.
                   ii.            We would therefore like to strongly encourage you to take up the offer of a supernumerary week with the ACHD team at Southampton earlier in training (ST3 and ST4) by using your study leave allocation. This has the unanimous support of the STC and is an excellent opportunity to get early exposure to ACHD and cardiovascular disease in pregnancy, which will supplement your later 4 week block.
                  iii.          This is likely to become a mandatory requirement in the future. For now I hope people will volunteer to take this excellent training opportunity which is unique to Wessex. To arrange your week with the team please contact Aisling Carroll (ACHD Consultant) directly on aisling.carroll@uhs.nhs.uk
                 iv.            Wessex is also one of only a handful of deaneries that offer a subspecialty (ST6/7) training programme in ACHD. The advert for this training programme is out now. Applicants must already have an NTN in cardiology.
                   v.            The JRCPTB provide a checklist for ACHD training and a competency form that needs to be signed off and uploaded to your portfolio (both in the following link). There is a considerable amount to cover to ensure you have reached core competency in ACHD by the end of ST5 so take advantage of the training opportunities you are being offered.

4.       Finally I look forward to seeing lots of you for dinner next Tuesday evening (14th March 2017) where Dr John Paisey, our new training programme director, will be available to answer any questions you have about training, the deanery or the ARCP process. It would make sense to have gone through the details in this e-mail before then to make sure you can have all you questions answered. Remember dinner is at The Green Man, Winchester, at 19:30, and is being sponsored by Tina-Marie from Daiichi-Sankyo (makers of Edoxaban). We have 5 spaces left if anyone else would like to join us. Just e-mail Jon Hinton (jwh20485@gmail.com) to get a spot but act quickly as it is first come first served.

Kind Regards,

Ben Wiles

BJCA survey, second BJCA rep and Training days

Dear all,

Hopefully you will have had an email from the BJCA about their survey. I would really encourage you to fill it in, it doesn't take more than 10 minutes and it helps to drive improvements to our training at both the local and national level.

Now Paul has taken a consultant job (and we wish him all the best!) and there are meant to be two BJCA reps Ben Wiles has kindly offered to join me as the other BJCA rep. He will be attending the next STC meeting and we will let you know any updates after this!

Also I have put all of the training day dates and venues on the training days part of the blog.



Dear All,

Now that I have taken up my Consultant post, I will be relinquishing all of my previous duties.

Jonathan is already doing a superior job with the blog etc. and I wish him well for the future.

There is an opportunity for someone to take on a representative role to the British Society for Heart Failure's trainee committee. This involves very little work but is valuable in helping to steer the direction of future heart failure training in the UK. There is a real desire to update the curriculum and this group has, thus far, been influential in this process.

It would suit someone ST5 or above either in sub-speciality HF training or planning to enter it. There are twice yearly meetings at the BSH training days in Feb and November.

If anyone is interested then please e-mail me.

Good luck to everyone in their future training - if I can be of help with advice in the future then please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Southampton Training day

Dear all,

Ben has arranged what looks like a great program for the first training day of the year on the 27th Feb at Southampton. Click here for the program.


Sponsored evening dinner and Q&A session with the new TPD

Dear all,

Sorry to bombard your inboxes!

Tina-Marie (Daiichi-Sankyo - makers of Edoxaban) has kindly agreed to sponsor a wessex cardiology trainee evening dinner with a talk by the new training program director John Paisey. It will be on the 14th of March at the Green Man in Winchester at 1930. There will be dinner and an informal talk with Q & A by the new TPD about training in the region. This should be a great chance to catch up with others in the deanery over dinner and to gain insight into the direction of training in Wessex. In order to sign up please email me jwh20485@gmail.com - there will be a limit to the number of places so I will allocate them on a 'first come first served basis!' Please also think about any particular questions that you would like to ask John Paisey.

Look forward to seeing lots of you there!

ACHD training day - aortic arch and common arterial trunk

Dear all

The Southampton ACHD team are very excited to invite you to the next Southampton Congenital Cardiac Study Day on March 23rd, which is part of their rolling two year curriculum.

The topic this time is Aortic arch and common arterial trunk, and they will be covering everything you need to know!

To register, please e-mail samantha.fitzsimmons@uhs.nhs.uk

Core knowledge in heart valve disease day

Dear all,

This is an excellent course run by the British Heart Valve Society which gives a really good overview of the management of valvular heart disease. It is £70 for non members and £50 for members. The course details are below. My experience is that this often fills up quite quickly..

Core Knowledge in Heart Valve Disease
Tuesday 11th April 2017
Paul Wood Lecture Theatre
National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI)
Imperial College - Royal Brompton Campus
Dovehouse Street, London SW3 6LY

Members Fee: £50, Non-members Fee: £70
Accreditation: 6 category 1 (external) CPD credits,
6 BHVS points, 2 BSE re-accreditation points
08:30 – 09:00 Registration 
09:00 – 09:30 Introduction: The Epidemiology of Valvular Heart Disease
09:30 – 10:30 Aortic Stenosis: Clinical assessment / echocardiography / grading severity
Difficult cases – low-flow low gradient AS, AS with severe MR, etc
10:30 – 11:00 Aortic Regurgitation: Clinical assessment / echocardiography / grading severity
Difficult cases – AR with dilated aortic root, AR in Marfan’s, bicuspid Ao
11:00 – 11:20 Coffee  break
11:20 – 12:00 Prosthetic Heart Valves
12:00  – 12:30 Surgical Considerations in Valve Disease:
Choice of prosthetic heart valve. Timing of surgery.
Repair versus replacement?
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch 
13:30 – 14:00 Mitral Stenosis:
Clinical assessment / echocardiography / grading severity
Determining the suitability for balloon commisurotomy
14:00 – 15:00 Mitral Regurgitation:
Clinical assessment / echocardiography / grading severity
Challenging cases – Ischaemic MR, functional MR in DCM etc
15:00 – 15:20 Coffee break
15:20 – 16:00 Infective Endocarditis:
Epidemiology, risk factors, antibiotic prophylaxis, timing of surgery
16:00 – 16:30 Right Heart Valve Disease

To register please visit our website via the following link: