Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Housekeeping and a potentially interesting course...

Dear All,

I am nearly ready to officially handover responsibility for the blog and other training matters to Jonathan Hinton. Hopefully the transfer should be fairly seamless and use of the contact me link should allow you to get in touch with him with any issues.

There are several matters from the STC which Jonathan will update you with in the near future. A particularly important one is that everyone needs to ensure that they get a supervisors report for their current post prior to rotating in January. Future ARCPs will require reports from your educational supervisors to cover the whole period of your ST year (i.e. August - August for most). For pretty much everyone - unless you are staying in the same place - this will mean a report for September - January from your current supervisor AND a report from January - August from your supervisor at the time of the ARCP. I am highlighting this now so that people can make the necessary arrangements prior to Christmas...

Please also see this link http://www.ithams.com/wasp/  for details of a course on "Writing A Scientific Paper" which has been forwarded on to me by JP Carpenter, and may be of interest to some of you.



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