Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Portsmouth Training Day and other things

Dear All,

I await the programme for the Devices Training Day on 22nd September and will send out as soon as I have it. The venue will be the Marriott Hotel, Portsmouth - near QAH.

Please can I ask that you e-mail me if you intend to be there?

Also, please remember to check the ARCP decision guide prior to your ARCP to ensure that you have fulfilled your requirements for the year. Hopefully everyone will have, or be in the process of getting a supervisor's report signed off (other than new ST3s).

I will be sending out the local trainees' survey in the next few days. Please take the time to complete this if you can. I have had some feedback from Dr Paisey that the national training survey has raised concerns regarding regional teaching and also the general experience at Southampton. If anyone wishes to express any specific concerns to me with guaranteed anonymity then please e-mail me and I can address these at the next STC in October. I am aware that regional teaching has been somewhat haphazard this year and I have already fed this back.



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