Wessex Cardiology Trainees

ACHD Training Day

Dear All,

Registration for the upcoming ACHD day this Thursday has apparently been limited to only two SpRs. This has led to some concerns regarding trainee attendance at training days - particularly as this one has been advertised for some time...

Please see the message from John Paisey below:

A great deal of effort goes into coordinating the teaching program overall and study days in particular.
If people are planning on attending but have not registered that is a discourteous oversight, please register ASAP.
If so few people have organised to cancel commitments this puts the future of training days and by extension discretionary study leave at risk.

SpRs if there are genuine barriers to attending in your organisation please let me know (not individual circumstances e.g. 'I'm on nights' but systematic problems.)

If people would prefer to contact me directly with issues to be dealt with in a more anonymised way then please feel free to e-mail me.



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