Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Heart Failure Training

Dear All,

Firstly - apologies for the mistake in the last post. The SECMR is on 15th SEPTEMBER (next week) - I have updated the post accordingly.

Secondly - The BSH in collaboration with the BJCA are working to improve heart failure training and look at the curriculum. The first step in doing this is to try and capture the following data:

1. Number of HF sub-specialty trainees in each deanery
2. Number of core cardiology trainees (ST3-5) considering HF 
3. What other sub specialty training are they planning e.g. devices, imaging, acute cv care, hypertension etc
4. Stage of training
5. Currently doing or has completed research
6. Planning research
7. Anticipated date of CCT

I would be grateful if you are an HF subspeciality trainee or are considering this (and if so congratulations on an excellent choice...) then you could e-mail me with the answers to the points above.

Many thanks.


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