Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Circulatory Support For High Risk Coronary Intervention and Cardiogenic Shock - 11th May 2015

I have been asked to advertise this 1 day meeting at Bournemouth, which may be of interest to those of an interventional bent.

There will be the opportunity for hands-on training in circulatory support devices, such as the Impella, as well as a series of lectures on the rationale and evidence base for circulatory support in high risk PCI.

It would appear to be free to attend, courtesy of industry support by Abiomed. The programme can be accessed here.

John Rawlins tells me that the guest speaker is well worth hearing.

Please can everyone also remember to complete the BJCA survey - it only takes 15 minutes and is key in helping to shape training.



British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging Spring Meeting and AGM 2015

Dear All,

Jim Stirrup has asked me to advertise this meeting, to be run on Thursday 30th April and Friday 1st May.

The programme is pretty multi-modality and is suitable for all cardiology trainees vis ePortoflio requirements for core training in non-invasive imaging. It is not really a day designed for the cardiac CT subspecialist only!

The BSCI is in fact running a shared meeting alongside the BSCMR (one after the other) and, although the flyers don’t yet say so (updated versions are being drawn up), there will be a discount to people who attend both.

A link to the programme and registration details can be found here. To register please visit www.bsci.org.uk.



EP Training Day - Bournemouth, 22nd April

Dear All,

Please see the message below from Ben Wiles regarding April's training day at RBH - This looks like a good opportunity for some problem based learning, in what I'm sure will be a fairly relaxed environment.



Dear Colleagues,

Our April training day will be held at Bournemouth Hospital on April 22nd and the topic will be Electrophysiology. 

For one session in the day Dr John Paisey would like some willing volunteers to briefly present some cases of dysrhythmia. The case presentations would need to be no more than 5 minutes in length and should include a short history of the problem and the necessary ECGs. 

The cases shouldn't be overly complex, just interesting or challenging cases of dysrhythmia you have come across in your training. He is not after super specialised stuff from the EP lab, just cases where it wasn't clear what to do, or what the diagnosis was, or cases you think your colleagues could learn from. The audience of course will be your fellow cardiology registrars and we will use the cases as topics for further discussion.

If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact me by e-mail. I will then collate the cases and provide further instructions. I look forward to hearing from some of you. 



Congenital Cardiac Teaching Afternoon - 19th March @ Southampton General

The next Congenital half day is due to run on 19th March, starting at 13:30. The topic is the double outlet right ventricle.

Those interested in attending should e-mail Debbie Dashwood by clicking.

The programme can be found here.

Registration should be free for those in the Wessex region.