Wessex Cardiology Trainees

NOTE CHANGE OF DATE: ACHD training day Thursday 13th November

Dear All,

For the next training day will be joining the Regional Network Congenital Cardiac Study Day at Southampton.

Please see the flyer here.

Please note that the date previously circulated was incorrect and there will be no training day on the 14th November. I understand this will be too late for most people to now attend.

The EP training day will go ahead as planned on Monday 17th November, also at Southampton.

Best wishes,


Evening Meeting Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim - Tuesday 18th November

I can now confirm that this meeting will be going ahead with the kind support of BI.

Dr Benoy Shah will be sharing his recent experiences and talking on the subject of

"Getting the Consultant Job You Want"

Please follow the above link for the full agenda, but kick-off will be at 18:30 with the talk planned from 19:00 and dinner and drinks to follow. The venue is the Wykeham Arms, 75 Kingsgate Street, Winchester. 

The food will be buffet style and looks jolly nice - no need for menu choices.

Please can people let me know if they plan to attend so that we have some idea of numbers.



SECMR - Call for clinical cases

Drs John-Paul Carpenter and Andrew Flett are keen to encourage trainee involvement in the SECMR meetings and would like to invite SpRs to submit clinical cases highlighting the importance of Cardiac MRI in current practice.

These meetings have proven to be great opportunities for learning about CMR and have been very well attended by consultants and trainees from across the region. Cases would be subject to peer review, and participation would offer an opportunity to gain experience in presenting at a regional meeting. 

If anyone has a case which they think would be interesting and appropriate could they please e-mail Andrew Flett with a summary of the case, outlining the points of interest for an audience of cardiologists and cardiothoracic radiologists. It is anticipated that local consultants would offer supervision in preparing the case to ensure a high standard of presentation.



Save the date... Evening meeting 18th November 2014

I have arranged for an evening meeting to be held at the Wykeham Arms, Winchester on the 18th November.

Hopefully this will provide a bit of pre-Christmas cheer and an opportunity for people to catch up in a fairly informal environment.

Full details will follow shortly, but please try and keep the date free if you can.



BCIS Advanced Cardiovascular Interventional Trainees Course - 1st and 2nd December 2014

This annual course is considered to be a core component of sub-speciality training in intervention and, as such, is recommended for anyone ST4 - ST6 sub-specialising in this area of the curriculum.

The course will run over 2 days in Crewe and a £100.00 refundable deposit is required to secure a place. Accommodation and dinner will be provided at the venue on the night of December 1st.

Despite the rather gruesome flyer, the programme looks excellent. I note all applicants must be members of BCIS, but those pursuing intervention presumably will be already.

The programme and application form can be accessed here.



Feedback from the STC and expressions of interest for new trainee rep

Dear All,

I attended the STC meeting last week. Scroll to the end for details of trainee rep.

Here are the headlines:

- Please convey to all interested parties that NTN recruitment will again be clustered with Oxford.
- There are several vacant training slots. Where these would previously have been filled with LAT appointments, several "Wessex Training Fellowship" posts are being advertised currently with the aim to filling these positions. Please encourage all who are interested to apply.

- In general a good performance by all.
- Some specialities in some deaneries have moved to an evidence appraisal only, to which the trainee is not invited. There is resistance to this in Wessex, and the panel continue to enjoy seeing us at the annual review, particularly to offer their congratulations on all our hard work.
- Please do fill out all forms and paperwork as detailed very clearly in the email from Rozz (including form R that needed to be posted ahead of time).
- Pacing seems to have become a difficulty for many trainees. It is acknowledged that pacing sessions are usually ad hoc, and with closer supervision now being the norm, some operators may implant when a trainee isn't there. Please do take every opportunity to organise inpatient pacing and make yourself available for these cases. Please feed back any difficult to me or your educational supervisor well before your ARCP.

Rotation Date
- Following feedback from the last trainee, this was discussed at the STC. For some, especially those with an August CCT, the January rotation date can lead to a perceived shortening of subspeciality training. This was discussed at some length and we concluded that the staggered start (August/January) maintained a useful skill mix between new and experienced StRs and CMTs. In addition, subspeciality training should be seen as a gradual process, rather than a sudden start in the final 24months. Those entering a fellowship in your final January will still get 12 months of training whilst making use of your grace period. This may actually be an advantage over those whose grace period would not occur in a fellow post.

GMC survey
- It is recognised that Trust induction generally receives a "red flag". Whilst it seems perfectly reasonable that induction may not be a good use of our time, it might come as news to you that every individual Trust is required to do this, repeatedly, in order to validate their insurance. We will reminded on this fact at several opportunities. It is probably worth reflecting that this GMC survey question is poorly written, but that ultimately it is best to answer that induction was adequate, lest we get thrown in an endless downward spiral of induction hell.
Trainee Survey
- On the whole, responses were positive. The committee liked the suggestions for improvement.
- John Paisey will once again respond to the broad issues raised.
- I will circulate this along with data from the survey.

Training Days
- Dr. Dom Kelly will continue to coordinate these.
- Dates will be circulated soon.
- Please let him know what topics you would like covered next year dominic.kelly@hhft.nhs.uk
- Once you know which Trusts you will be working at next year, please let Dom know if you would like to coordinate locally.

And lastly,
Drs. Alison Calver and John Paisey would like to know who is interested in becoming the new STC rep. I've been doing this for the last 12 months or so. The biggest and most useful aspect has been coordinating and collecting the data for the trainee survey.
Can you let me know if you are interested in this, and I will pass all names onwards for a decision. Feel free to ask any questions about the role.

Decision-Making in PCI: Case based learning - 11th December 2014

This popular Southampton based course is back and aiming to address the practice of PCI with a focus on the decisions that it presents to us and how to approach them in both an evidence based and common sense manner.

A link to the flyer is here, and registration can be arranged by email to Salomé Snyders.



REMINDER: PCI Training Day, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, 22nd October 2014

Dear All,

The next official training day is at the Dorset Heart Centre, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Castle Lane East, BH7 7DW.

The day starts at 8.30.

No need to confirm attendance, but as usual please let me know if there is any bar to attendance.