Wessex Cardiology Trainees

URGENT!!!! Call for support

Dear Wessex trainee,
The BSH board elections are happening as we speak. All BSH members would have received voting papers in the mail. There are 3 candidates local people standing for election. Paul Kalra is standing for deputy chair, I am standing for counsel and Jayne Masters (SUHT senior HF nurse) is also standing for counsel. I think it is really important that we try to get local reps onto the board to maintain a national profile for wessex. In addition it will prevent the centralisation of control to London centres.
Thankfully, the voting process allows you to vote for dep chair and 3 different counsellors so you won't need to choose between us!!. I'm told that very few votes are actually returned so 1 or 2 could make a big difference. If you are a BSH member please remember to vote!!
Dr Dominic Kelly
Consultant Cardiologist Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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