Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Dr Dom Kelly - The future of Wessex training days

 Dear all,

Just when I thought I had distanced myself from the Wessex SpR rotation, I have been handed the,"honour", of organising this in the place of Paul Kalra who has exponetially increasing clinical and research commitments. There are some sessions booked by Paul already for this year and i'll get these dates out as soon as possible. My efforts will really kick in next year.

I'm very keen to move back to the model that was in place when I started as an SpR in 2006 with around 8-10 or so local meeings held at hospitals in our region. I would like to avoid incorporating national meetings in London etc as I think these types of things should be attended as separate training through study leave (other than the BCS). 

I will aim to produce a comprehensive timetable to cover all subspecialities and general cardiology as well as management and research. In addition I intend to be much more stringent about monitoring attendance. There will be a register at each meeting which will be fed back. In addition I will send out assessment forms after each to maintain quality, the forms will need to be completed whether or not you attended and if not able to, reasons why. The reason for this is completely for your benefit as if it becomes evident that attendance is being restricted, I will very much fight in your corner to put pressure on Trusts to fix this.

If anyone has any thoughts or comments, please let me know.


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