Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Feedback from STC Meeting 15th March 2013

Dear All

Please find below the outcome of the STC meeting on Friday 15th March. I am keen to represent all Trainees at these meetings so please contact me on sjgroves@hotmail.com if you have any training concerns.

ARCPs + PYA Dates 
PYAs will be on 6th September 2013. ARCPs will be 6th September and 10th September 2013. 

Wessex Regional Training Days
Great news! Dr Dom Kelly has agreed to take over the training days from Dr Paul Kalra to reinstate the once educational and social SpR Training days. The plan is have 8 regional training days and separate to this BCS x2 training days. Dr Kelly will publish the 2014 training day dates by the end of 2013 so SpRs can ensure clinics are cancelled for the next group of SpR's following on in their post. I highlighted the Echo clinics were not being cancelled in Southampton and Dr Calver agreed this should occur and with more notice we should be asking all SpR clinics are cancelled so Trainees can attend the necessary 60% of Training Days. 

Training days had been a time for education but also for socialising with our peers and increasing our working relationship...not to mention tips and hints for forthcoming ARCPs!

I would really encourage Trainees to ensure clinics are cancelled for the Training days to allow the majority of Trainees to attend.

Dr Tom Farrell has put together a document to be released on the "Eportfolio Roles and Responsibilities for the Trainee and Ed Supervisor". The document outlines who's responsibility different sections are to complete, when, where and how! Also just an early warning before PYA and ARCPs this year, we are now expected to complete Patient Surveys! Only in ST5 and ST7 but still required. 
If you are using curriculum 2007 please do not fill out any of 2010. 

The Ed Supervisor must release your MSF Summary prior to your ARCP. 

The blue print/grid is available online but Wessex deanery alter from this slightly with a minimum requirement of the following:

DOPS TTE - 6 until BSE TTE - BSE TTE Accreditation is COMPULSORY in Wessex Deanery 
DOPS Cath - 6
DOPS Pacing - 6

MiniCex - 6
ACATs - 6
CbD - 6


Patient Survey - ST5 & ST7
Audit Tool - 1 every year
Teaching Tool - 1 every year

Trainee Survey 
James Rosengarten and myself are going to take over the Trainee Survey. As a Deanery, Wessex scored badly on the GMC survey but the reasons why and comments are never seen by the Deanery. James & I have offered to take over the Trainee Survey to allow Trainees to be as honest as they like about the posts they are in or previously been in. We'd like to hear the good, bad and any recommendations you think would improve the post for the Trainees coming after you. We have asked the Deanery allow us to run this and we will do the investigating rather than have Consultants involved. We hope to have an electronic survey up and running by June/July and really appreciate everyone completing it! I'm looking for brutal honesty please!! 

Currently we are all using our ARCPs as Revalidation but it has been asked if the Trainees CCT date alters for OOPE/R, mat leave, sickness it is the Trainees responsibility to inform Vykkie Winstanley at JRCPTB who will adjust they CCT date and inform our Deanery who in turn updates the GMC and a post CCT revalidation date is generated. 

As I said please contact me if you have any concerns or recommendations.

Kindest Regards

Sam Fitzsimmons

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