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Webcasting, reporting, faculty interviews: British Cardiovascular Society 28th to 30th May IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY TO ENHANCE YOUR CV

Dear All

CV short on publications?
Need exposure?

Last year at the BCS conference; with a huge effort from a multitude of SpRs we managed to cover the entire conference with "Roving Reports" and Webcast the 3 main rooms.
This gave great opportunities for many SpRs to enhance their profile with online BCS publications and letters of thanks form the BCS executive.
Webcasting is very easy, each room will be covered by 2 SpRs and supported by an experienced webcasting superviser. Its a very simple program that just requires the user to start the presentation and change slides at the same time as the speaker. The second webcaster prepares for the next speaker in the session and writes brief bulletpoints for the report. Webcasters sit at a desk on the side of the hall with a laptop each and are able to watch the whole lecture with ease.
You can see the links to webcasts and reports here:

We made such a success last year that they want us back! Covering more rooms and getting even more individual exposure.

In return I have negotiated a number of concessions for our hard work, see below.

The webcasts are now covering the 4 main rooms (Auditorium, Exchange Hall, Fitzroy, Charter 2), in these rooms we will have two webcasters as before and we will integrate a short bullet point "Roving report" to allow the webcasters name to be linked to the work and searchable on google (allows web references for CV). Charter 1 and 4 will be covered by traditional roving reporters.

In addition for those who are interested we have been promised exclusive access to the headliners of our choice. A short interview by the SpR and the chance to write the article and have it published on the BCS website. The names are impressive and this will certainly be a great opportunity for those involved

Prof K Fox
Dr Iain Simpson
Prof Greg Whyte
Prof Sanjay Sharma
Dr William Zoghbi, President ACC…what his aims are for the next year? Links with BCS?
Dr Andrew Wragg (simulators and non-technical skills simulation- Carry on in the Cath Lab)
Dr Nicola Smart (winner 2012 Michael Davies Award)
Winner of YRWP 2012
Thomas Lewis Lecture – Prof Alec Vahanian
BCS lecture supported by Joy Edelman Legacy- Prof Rory Collins
Prof Peter Weissberg (BHF)

In addition! For anyone who isn't a member of the BCS free entrance to the conference will be organised for those that contribute to webcasting.

Lastly.... A table (or maybe 2) at the Gala Dinner for us all to enjoy a bit of networking... and top quality wine...

As per last year

A link to the program is here:   http://www.bcs.com/conference/calendar.asp?day=Monday&navcatid=30

We are intending to match as many sessions to sub-speciality interests as possible.

If you are interested please could you forward the following details to myself and Robin Ray (important you email both of us) asap:


    Your sub-speciality interests? Mobile number?

    Any sessions you would particularly like to webcast and/or report?

    Is your attendance definite or is it dependent on study leave permission? Which days are you attending?

    Any keynote speakers you are interested in interviewing?

    Are you interested in coming to the Gala Dinner on the webcaster table?

Please feel free to forward this email to any other colleagues going to the BCS Annual Conference this year.Your help would be massively appreciated!

Best wishes

Phillip Freeman and Robin Ray

BCS C&E Committee SpR representatives

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