Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Action required - This Thursday - Heart disease in Pregnancy Study Day Southampton

The next SpR training day takes place this Thursday in the Heartbeat Education Centre of University Hospital Southampton.

The programme looks excellent and is available here.

Trainees are welcome to attend the case conference at 8am, with the education day starting at 10am.

Can you let Dr. Carroll know if you are attending as soon as possible so that catering can be finalised.

4th British Society for Heart Failure Medical Training Meeting - Thursday 9 February 2012

Registration is open for the 4th annual BSH Medical Training Meeting.

This training day has been designed to meet the educational needs of the heart failure component of the core curriculum in cardiovascular medicine, as well as the needs for advanced training in heart failure. It will provide an in-depth discussion around particularly challenging and often controversial management issues that will be relevant to trainees in internal medicine, care of the elderly specialists and GPs with a special interest in heart failure.

The programme has been structured to provide a balance of carefully selected talks and interactive case-based sessions, and includes an interesting sessions on percutaneous and surgical management of patients. The talks include contributions from local heart failure experts Paul Kalra, Peter Cowburn and Domininc Kelly as well as national specialists.

You will note that £100 travel training grants are available, and Dom points out that only 50 are available on a first come, first served basis. The deadline to apply for registration with a grant is 9th December 2011. The grant is only available for BSH members, but you will see that the registration cost is also hugely reduced if you join for just a very modest fee.

A reminder also that the 14th BSH Annual Autumn Meeting takes place in November with details here.

Southampton Transoesophageal Echocardiography Course 2011

Southampton Transoesophageal Echocardiography Course 2011(SOTOEC)
Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th November 2011

Once again this Philips and Heartworks supported course returns to Southampton. The faculty includes many of our senior imaging trainees and the programme includes theory and hands on training.
The course earlier this year received excellent feedback.
The timetable is here and the sign up details here.

Essex Cardiac CT Hands-on Workshop

Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, Basildon, is running a Cardiac CT course & hands-on workshop on 30 Nov and 1st Dec 2011

This will be for Level 1 accreditation and will involve didactic lectures plus plenty of opportunities to report online and offline cases and also to be in the scanning room.

Please follow the link for more information

BCS Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care report

In 2010, BCS set up a Working Group to look at Acute Cardiac Care in the UK and the role of Coronary Care Units, chaired by Dr David Walker.

The Working Group has now completed its work and have asked for it to be circulated to trainees. The report available here.

It is worth having a read if you have a few minutes spare and are interested in the transition from CCU to Acute Cardiac Care Unit. Only a small mention is made regarding training, trainees, consultant provision and skills (5.2) but it might be useful to those still considering which subspecialty to pursue, and what might become of the CCU in those hospitals not providing primary revascularisation.

Reminder - Wessex Spr evening meeting - Tuesday 1st November

A reminder to all those who have signed up to the next informal evening meeting and meal organised by Nalyaka Sambu. This takes place at Berties, in Romsey, with guest speaker Prof. Nick Curzen giving a talk entitled, "How not to do a coronary angiogram badly".

The meeting is now full, so if you find yourself now unable to attend, please let Nalyaka know as soon as possible. If you would like to put your name down as a reserve then please let me know.

The role of imaging in the diagnosis, management and prevention of myocardial ischemia - 2nd November 2011

Wessex trainees are invited to this free one day conference, organised by the Cardiovascular Sciences Research Centre, taking place at St. George's Hospital, London.

See this link for further details

Specialty Trainee Committee 30 Sep 2011 - Trainee Update

Following the recent STC meeting, Paul Rees has the following update. Please address any queries to him
Sam Fitzsimmons will be taking over from Paul in the new year. Please send any new queries through the website link, or directly to Sam.

It's very important to maintain the core GIM component of the ePortolio during years 1-3.  To be watertight in this regard, it may be a good idea to source your own, additional GIM supervisor locally.  An anonymised, electronic log of all cases seen should be maintained throughout. Core components are shared between GIM and cardiology, trainees wishing to co-accredit in GIM will have additional requirements.
RITA/ARCP process
The time taken to review portfolios, data etc eats into time spent in discussion with trainee, and that the latter is certainly of value in career planning etc.  Plan to adjust timings to allow effective communication and discussion with trainees 15 min document review, 20 min trainee discussion.
Use the educational supervisor report form sent out by Deanery please.  We have edited some components of this to enhance its clarity.
MSF required every year, others in line with JRCPTB ARCP decision aid (via website). Basically 4 CbDs, 4 MiniCEX, DOPS.
ESRs need to sign-off linked components.  Ed Sup may need reminding, and ARCP letters will remind trainees of this.  Video user guides exist on Youtube for trainees and EsRs.  Link to Youtube user guide
Plea from ESs to be kind to them and ply them with tea/cake support during the electronic form-filling process!
Trainee Survey
Anonymised.  39 returns, 7 LAT, 24 NTN, 2 clin OOPE, 6 research.  Majority of fields complete.
Career intentions: 19 PCI, 11 Devices, 10 Echo, 8 MRI, 8HF, 7CT, 6EP, 2Nuc, 1ACHD, 0 academic
Conventional grouping of intended specialties; 29/39
Less well recognised choices; 7/39 (2 in years 4+)
Overall satisfaction with job
15 Excellent
17 Good
2 Adequate
2 Unsatisfactory
Main area of concern - office space
Comments were reviewed in detail, and discussed amongst the STC.
Complex Deanery procedure to grade posts underway, similar to a previous GMC "red flag" survey initiative to highlight areas of particular concerns. 
Deanery effectively require BSE and will continue to encourage trainees to achieve a nationally recognised standard in 1st 3 years.
3 yr MDs
Can count 1 year of research towards CCT provided prospectively recognised and discussed.
STC Trainee Replacement
As I stand down end of Jan due to CCT, Sam Groves Fitzsimmons has agreed to take over.
Next STC Meeting
2nd March 2012
28 Sep 2012
Sep 7, and Sep 11th 2012, paperwork in by 1700 Aug 10th.  Deanery email to follow.