Wessex Cardiology Trainees

Rotation Planning Meetings 14th September, South Coast Regional BSE Meeting and Online Imaging Resources

1.  As some of you have rightly pointed out, the Rotation Planning meetings are on the same day as the South Coast Regional BSE Meeting - the 14th September.  Obviously the compulsory Rotation Planning meetings will be a priority and are compulsory.  Chris Steadman, who is organising the BSE meeting, has said that he is happy for Wessex registrars to attend before/after their planning meeting.

2. Whilst on the subject of imaging I thought I would highlight two online resources, which may be of interest:

Level 1 online CMR course:

1.      Login to your British Cardiovascular society account
2.      Click 'my page'
3.      Scroll down to BCS membership offers 
4.  Follow instructions to access SCMR online MRI course.

Online TOE course (Need to be a British Society of Echo Member) 

1.     Click on ‘Education’
2.     Click on ‘TOE e-learning’
3.     Instructions to sign up will be displayed (essentially send an email containing your full name, email address and BSE membership number to info@bsecho.org

Hopefully see some of you at the Portsmouth Training Day this Wednesday 18th (Holiday Inn, Pembroke Road, Portsmouth.)  

Thanks, Hannah

South Coast Regional BSE Meeting Sep 14th, Portsmouth Training Day and Final (I promise) reminder about the Wessex Survey

1.  Chris Steadman has asked me to publicise the 2nd South Coast Regional British Society of Echo meeting.  This is being held in Poole on Friday 14th September.  There are some excellent speakers lined up.  Last year this event was fully booked so if you want to attend please register ASAP.  Tickets are free and can be obtained via the following link:


2.  Don't forget the Portsmouth Training day on Wednesday 18th July starting at 0930.  This is being held at:

    Holiday Inn, Pembroke Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2TA.

Please can you email Jonathan if you plan to attend -  jwh20485@gmail.com.

3.  Finally, thank you (again) to those of you who have completed the Wessex survey.  Final reminder that if you haven't please click here to go through to the survey.  It should only take 5 minutes or so and is your opportunity to provide feedback on your training so that improvements can be made over time. 

Thanks,  Hannah 

Postmouth Training Day - New Venue, Wessex Survey reminder and an Evening Event date for your diary.

1.  The Portsmouth Training day on Wednesday 18th July has changed venues.  It is now being held at:

    Holiday Inn, Pembroke Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2TA.

    Please can you email Jonathan if you plan to attend -  jwh20485@gmail.com.

    Dr Kirubakaran has welcomed any requests/suggestions regarding the lecture topics.  Please feedback to Jonathan if you have any special requests. 

Portsmouth Training day Timetable:
0930       Introduction                                                      
0935       SVTs and Arrhythmia mechanisms          
1015       Arrhythmias and ECGs                                  
1045       Coffee
1100       Atrial Fibrillation                                              
1130       Syncope                                                              
1200       Arrhythmia Cases                                           
1230       Lunch
1330       Afternoon                                                          
               Pacemaker / Devices
1500       Coffee
1530       Pacemaker / Devices                                     
1600       Finish

2.  Thank you to those of you who have completed the Wessex survey.  If you haven't please click here to go through to the survey.  It should only take 5 minutes or so and is your opportunity to provide feedback on your training so that improvements can be made over time.

3.  Save the date!  Tuesday 27th November we have a great evening event being planned.  More details to follow soon.



Training days, rotation planning meeting survey and other news

Dear all

Hope you have enjoyed the sunny weekend! Just a few updates:

Firstly we have only had a handful of people sign up to the Portsmouth Training day (the 18th July), I have no doubt that it will be an excellent day so do come along - please could you email me soon to let me know if you are coming - jwh20485@gmail.com. On the subject of training days the dates for the rest of this calendar year are all on the training day section of the blog - these should be good so get them in your diary and let your teams know so that you can have the study leave! If there are any problems accessing study leave to attend training days please let me know.

Secondly a reminder of an important date - the rotation planning meetings are on the 14th of September - if you want a job in Wessex from January you must attend these. The timetable for these will be released in due course.

We have now put together the Wessex survey for this year. I appreciate that you are bombarded with surveys but we would be really grateful if you could complete this. It really doesn't take long and is designed to highlight any issues so that when we meet at the STC in October we can raise them . Your views really are important and either help maintain the status quo or give us the mandate to drive for change. Click here to go through to the survey. If there are another other issues that you would like to raise please also email me!

We have put together another part of the website with ideas for study leave including some of the specialist clinics that are available in the deanery.This list is by no means exhaustive and if you have any contacts or ideas that you think would be helpful to share please email me!

Finally Ben Wiles has asked me to highlight that he is fundraising for sponsorship for his flights to South Africa where he will be helping with Echo in Africa this autumn - if you would like to read more about the excellent work this charity do or might be interested in the future, click here. If you would like to sponsor him please follow this link 

Sorry for the long email!


Dear All,

Hello as the new trainee rep!  Two updates:

1.  The next training day is the Portsmouth Arrhythmias and Devices training day on the 18th July at the Marriott Hotel in Portsmouth.  If you are planning to attend please email Jonathan jwh20485@gmail.com 

 The provisional program is as follows (although subject to change):

0930      Introduction                                                             
0935      SVTs and Arrhythmia mechanisms                        
1015      Arrhythmias and ECGs                                            
1045      Coffee
1100      Atrial Fibrillation                                                   
1130      Syncope                                                                  
1200      Arrhythmia Cases                                                   
1230      Lunch
1330      Afternoon                                                                   
                  Pacemaker / Devices
1500      Coffee
1530      Pacemaker / Devices                                             

1600      Finish

2.  Another date for your diary - the first imaging training day is provisionally booked for the 10th October 2018.  This will be a Nuclear Medicine training day at Poole.  

Good luck to everyone doing the EEGC on Thursday...



New Trainee Representative

Dear All,

Hannah Sinclair has been elected as your new trainee representative. I'm sure she will be absolutely great in the role. Good luck to her, and to all of you, for the remainder of your training.

That's all from me.

Kind Regards,