Wessex Cardiology Trainees

COVID-19 Resources

Hi all,

We hope everyone is holding up ok in these uncertain times.

Practicing Medicine and Cardiology in these times are challenging. There's ever changing information about the coronavirus and how to protect ourselves and our patients.

Here are a couple of links to the BCS and ESC hubs which aim to provide the latest updates on COVID-19.

If you prefer to read about it, BCS has some of the latest articles in their COVID-19 Clinicians Resource Hub.
Or if you prefer to watch/listen to some expert discussions, the ESC resource on COVID-19 and Cardiology may be for you.

Exactly what you were looking for to occupy your time in this era of social distancing.

Tom and I are always here for a chat via phone, e-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom, Houseparty etc...

Stay safe and stay sane fellow Wessex Cardiology Trainees.

Kri and Tom

Training Update.

Dear all,

These are very challenging and stressful times we are working in.
Training has been put on hold, we are working in rapidly changing environments many of which we have had very little exposure to previously. More and more is expected of us on a daily basis and covering colleagues absence is needed at very short notice.

The above being said I have been incredibly impressed at the way cardiology trainees across the region have been mucking in as a cohort and looking out for each other.

Both Kri and myself are always here for a freindly phonecall/skype if needed, or a 2m away cup of coffee if you are working in the same hospitals as us!

On a more formal note all training days are suspended until further notice. Official guidance on ARCPs/PYAs will follow over the coming weeks.

Keep safe, go easy and drop us a line at any time.

Kri and Tom.

Pulmonary Hypertension Study Day 10/06/20

Dear all,

There is an upcoming study day on Pulmonary Hypertension at UHS on 10th June. This is FREE to attend.
Please see here for the flyer.
Email phstudyday@uhs.nhs.uk to sign up.


South Coast Heart Failure Meeting 24/03/2020 - NEXT TRAINING DAY.

Dear all,

The South Coast Heart Failure Meeting will be held at the Haven Hotel in Sandbanks on 24/03/2020.
Registration has closed but there are a few places left!

The preliminary agenda can be found here.

If interested, please email Amanda Avey at amanda.avey@poole.nhs.uk with the completed Registration Form.


Evening Meeting 9th March.

Dear all,

For those attending the next evening meeting regarding ARCP changes on 9th March at The Stable Winchester please see here for the agenda. 1900 start.

There are a couple of places still available. If you would like to attend email me at gilpintr4290@doctors.org.uk



Dear all,

The BSE have released new guidelines for cardiac dimensions and function which will have a knock on effect on the written and practical exams along with logbook documentation.

Find the published guidelines here.

See below for the advice regarding examination changes.


"The new normal reference ranges for adult transthoracic echocardiography will be published in Echo Research and Practice in February 2020.

The publication of the new normal dataset will not affect the Spring written exam in March 2020. Use of the new reference range will come into force for the Autumn written exam in October 2020 and knowledge of the parameters will therefore be required.
Practical examination submissions for viva cases will also need to reflect these new ranges from October 2020 onwards. Any cases brought for viva assessment to a practical examination after this date must be reported in accordance with the new reference ranges. The date on which the images were recorded does not affect this.
Log-books will be expected to reflect the new guidelines ONLY where a case is collected after the publication of the new guidelines in Echo Research and Practice.  Up to six months lead time will be allowed to respect the variation in rate of change to departmental working practice."

"Innovation in hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis", Birmingham Crowne Plaza, Friday 24th April 2020.

Dear all,

There is an upcoming study day on transthyretin amyloidosis in Birmingham that is free to attend, particularly relevant to HF and imaging trainees. Please see here for the agenda.